Our Progress Report: 60 Days on THE Gel

This is the third blog post in our series about THE ONLY homeopathic, FDA registered HGH (human growth hormone) Gel on the market! The Gel has COMPLETELY transformed my life and the life of my husband Billy! The following is a brief summary of the benefits we have experienced already…


Heather:  (43 years old, active, healthy)

Increased energy from the time I wake up about 15 minutes BEFORE my alarm clock goes off until my head hits the pillow at night.

Deeper sleep.

Less flare ups from pinched nerve in my neck. (Pinched nerve is from being rear ended twice.)

Hormone balance- even mood, less bloating. Less clots, less pain/minimal cramps. Don’t need to take prescription pain medication or even ibuprofen!

More regularity.

Less water retention.

Even mood.

Better focus.

Increased muscle definition (though I’m working out less due to a busier schedule.)

Honeymoon phase is back! (Libido aka Gel-bido!)

Thicker/fuller hair.

Healthier/smoother nails.

Softer skin.

Age spots are fading.


Billy:   (46 years old, active, healthy)

Deeper sleep (and he’s snoring LESS! Yay, for me LOL).

Increased energy throughout the day. Increase stamina for workouts. (He’s running circles around our Labrador retriever  LOL).

Improved mood.

No brain frog.

Better muscle definition in arms and abs.

Increased Libido.


Now compare the benefits we are experiencing to the chart below….gelbenefits


We can’t even tell you how THRILLED we are with our results already! We can’t wait to see what’s next! We’ll keep you posted!!!

We can’t promise that you will experience the same benefits at the same pacing we have; however, we feel that this is too amazing of a product not to try!

You just never know!

By the way, if you would like any information about this safe, affordable, effective product, please comment with your email address, and I’ll send you some information. Also, if you’d like to hear the testimonials of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of women and men on the Gel, comment and let me know if you’re on Facebook. I can add you to the AMAZING testimonial pages!






Worth Waiting For….

In last week’s blog post, I shared about an amazing FDA registered product, THE HGH Gel, that has significantly helped my husband, Billy and me. The Gel has replaced COUNTLESS products that we were using to address a host of issues related to aging: fatigue, insomnia, hormone imbalance, and so much more! In fact, the Gel was formulated to address over 40 issues! I had planned to post our 60 day report on using the Gel in a video format, but I am having some challenges doing that. My hope is to get that figured out for next week’s blog post! The one good thing about postponing this blog post, is that I will have LOTS to share about the Gel as Billy and I are headed to a Gel conference this weekend! Please stay tuned!

As for this week’s blog post, I NEVER, EVER do this: I’m re-posting a blog post. This is worth revisiting as this is THE blog post that has received the most traction since I first published our blog. Interestingly, this blog post focuses on another life changing product…..


The Instant Pot-Is It All That It’s Hyped Up to Be?






Simplify Your Life: One Product, 40 Associated Benefits

Are you a product collector?



Does your medicine cabinet look like CVS threw up in it?



Ours did!


(Not our actual medicine cabinet, but a representation)


As my husband Billy and I have grown older, we’ve required MULTIPLE products to address a host of issues:  fatigue, insomnia, inflammation, tummy problems, poor mood, hormone imbalance, increased weight, etc.


Not to mention the superficial issues related to aging: wrinkles, age spots, cellulite….


We were spending HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS a month to feel our best, and the product line we used didn’t even touch the superficial stuff!


And, this previous product line kept adding new products: For optimal results, take these 4 products.


(By the way, “product layering” is quite common in the health and wellness industry. BE CAREFUL!)


Then we realized that we were going about things completely wrong!


We learned the reason we were experiencing poor sleep, fatigue, increased weight around the middle, etc. was most likely connected to our aging:  SPECIFICALLY, OUR DECREASING LEVELS OF HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH).



Watch this Dr. Oz video explaining the role of HGH in the body….



We had been trying to treat age related issues WITH MULTIPLE “BAND-AIDS”!



We were thrilled to learn about A PRODUCT that literally goes to the source: the “mother hormone” (HGH), which is made within the pituitary gland!



THE GEL is in a category all by itself:


*One product with over 40 associated benefits



*It’s one of the few HOMEOPATHIC products that is FDA registered.  That means our federal government carefully monitors its production to ensure THE GEL has everything in it that the label says that it has in it.


*It also provides Thyroid and Adrenal support.


*It has been on the market for 14 years, and it has NO reported negative side effects or drug interactions associated with it.



**News of THE GEL is spreading quickly!


*One of the top oncologist/hormone specialists on the East Coast sells THE GEL at his practice.


*The 2018 Emmy bag contained THE GEL!



*THE GEL testimonial pages on Facebook boast over 300,000 members with amazing testimonies and pictures of their results!


***Next week is our 60 day anniversary on THE GEL! Billy and I can’t wait to share in next week’s blog post all the amazing benefits we have been experiencing.  To stay compliant, we can’t claim that you would experience the same benefits. However, you will never know unless you try it out!  If you are interested in more information, comment on this blog post with your email address, and I can email it to you!

It’s Okay

When you were young, what did you imagine your adult life would be like?





Does it resemble what you had hoped for?



Or, were you thrown some major curve balls?





Do you feel the sting of disappointment?


In your heart, you know that you have been abundantly blessed, but there was that one thing or maybe multiple things….


Every once in a while, you catch yourself crying.


Then you feel guilty.



“I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. I shouldn’t feel this way….” You tell yourself.



You push the emotions down deep and cover them with whatever positivity you can muster.


Did you know that it’s okay?


It’s okay to mourn for what you had hoped for.


I stumbled upon this Facebook meme posted by a good friend….



I needed this reminder, and I thought maybe some of my friends might too.


However, this isn’t just about the weeping for what we didn’t receive.


The second part of the message is even MORE important than the first part:


“Take a deep breath, continue to embrace the remaining journey of your life.”




It may not be easy, but it is what we must do….


As we enter this season of gratitude, I’ve decided to go back to journaling at least 3 things I am grateful for daily. I have a journal I need to break in….



One year, as a family, we brainstormed  all the things we were thankful for, and we wrote them on a pumpkin. We kept it as a centerpiece on our dining room table so we could see it daily. It was a powerful visual reminder for us!




We also offer prayers of thanks as a family. It is so important we model an attitude of gratitude for our children!




What do you and your family do during this season to embrace an attitude of gratitude?


We’d love to hear!















In the Fall

How beautiful leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.
John Burrough


I didn’t realize how ready I was for fall until….


Two weeks ago, I asked my husband Billy to pick up pumpkin spice creamer from our neighborhood market, and THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT!!!!


I guess I could have made this LOL….





I also keep trying to wear jeans to work LOL. Thankfully I have enough sense to dress in layers because in our neck of the woods, we are still having 90 plus degree weather!!!!



Fall is the unofficial kick off of the holiday season.  Because seriously, before you know it, it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving’s a blur, and then we’re cramming in Christmas shopping LOL.



The fall season separates us into neat little categories:  team apple cider vs. team pumpkin spice.



Or, those who go “all out” for Halloween, those who throw costumes together the night before, and those who turn the porch lights off, and retreat to the movies LOL.


Can you guess in which category we fall?






There is so much to love about the fall season. I always print up little bucket lists like this, which are fun to check off as a family….



By the start of fall, it seems kids’ sporting activities have quieted down  allowing more time to socialize with other families.  We really try to host as much as we can at this time since Christmas is flat out crazy!


One of our favorite things to do is outdoor family movie nights.  We have a screen that we either rig to our arbor or attach to an inflatable “stand” so the audience can view from our lawn. We stock up on a variety of popcorn, candy, and mosquito bracelets LOL.

Amazon link for Mosquito Repellent bracelets


Here’s two fun guides about how to put on outdoor movie nights….

How to bring an outdoor movie to your backyard

DIY Outdoor Movie Night


We hope this season is filled with memory making moments and reflections of the many blessings that abound in our lives!







On the Other Side



I’ve thought a lot about this quote. Isn’t it the truth?


We fear…..


*taking risks

*what people will think when we take risks

*we fear the possible outcomes of our risks

Oh My God Wtf GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY



Besides fear, there is something else that keeps us stuck:




Don’t misunderstand me….


Don’t confuse gratitude and contentment.


I believe it’s imperative that we are grateful for the MANY blessings we are afforded in life.



BUT (here’s the big but LOL)….


If we aren’t happy about a situation, whether it be relational, professional, or whatever, it is up to us to make that change.


We are in the driver seat.



I understand some things are out of our control. Some things can be very, very difficult…


BUT, we can control our response to situations.


Those who can say “PLOT TWIST!” and adapt to change, seem to be the most resilient, successful,  and the HAPPIEST.


Unexpected Grace Helbig GIF by This Might Get - Find & Share on GIPHY


I’m still learning how to “flow” with change….


*Allowing myself to experience different situations/changes outside of my comfort zone

*Grieving over the loss of “what was” in some circumstances

*Transforming anxiousness into excitement to prepare for change



I’m not sure where you are in your life: if you’re considering a change, or if you’re already in the midst of one. Wherever you are, I pray that it is a smooth transition….



For more on this topic, check out the following:

A Change Would Do You Good





Our Mystery Plant

We have a plant that was placed to the right of our waterfall feature- YEARS ago.


The leaves are spiky, and the trunk has some girth now.


It started with one dominant trunk. Then, developed a second.


Notice I am referring to it as “a plant”?


We don’t remember what type of plant that it is LOL.


It was actually a source of debate a few months ago when I posted a picture of it on Facebook.  Most seemed to think it was a Yucca plant.


Here’s what a Yucca looks like…



Here’s what our plant looks like…



There’s definitely some similarities, but I’m not convinced….


A couple of months ago, our “mystery plant” started to grow shoots at its base.


My husband Billy and I thought “oh, that’s interesting….new growth….” Besides that, we didn’t give it a second thought.


Then, a couple of weeks ago, Billy pointed out something disturbing to me:

the leaves on the tallest trunk and its bark had turned dark brown.


That portion of the plant is dying.


Billy said,”I had no idea that those shoots would drain the plant. I wish I had uprooted them when I first noticed them.”


I heard the regret in his voice, and immediately my thoughts composed an analogy:


We are often aware of our unhealthy habits; however, we let them flourish in our lives like the shoots of our “mystery plant.”  If not addressed, these habits can impede our ability to thrive, and they can keep us from living the life we were created to live.


We must be intentional about uprooting negativity in our life!