My Rebirth

Let’s chat about hormones!

In my latter 30’s, something switched in me… and not in a good way 😬.

My family could see me changing. 😔

My skin was breaking out, and I didn’t have the energy or confidence that I had before. I also struggled with feelings of frustration, distractibility, fatigue, and bloating… I just didn’t feel or look like myself.

I talked to my general practitioner, who chalked it up to just getting older. Then I talked to my gynecologist, who recommended a hysterectomy 😔. If you know me and my struggle with infertility… I just wasn’t/am not ready to close that chapter.

I researched and found some homeopathic products. Some helped a little, but I had to layer so many to see any results. That cost us lots of money!

Fast-forward to about 10 months ago! I started testing a new homeopathic product that’s turned out to be a God-send 🙏🙌

I have consistent energy, I’m sleeping sound, waking up refreshed, my water retention has reduced, my pms symptoms decreased significantly, I no longer need my menstrual cramp/pain prescription, AND I’m experiencing the honeymoon and connection I desired with my husband.

It’s been a re-birth for me. 💪

I’m so grateful to not have given up on finding MY answers. It’s been a long road and not enough women or men talk about the affects of age-related hormone decline, OR the fact that we can and should do something about it. 🙌

I wanted to share this because I think a lot of women and men suffer silently without finding solutions, and may be tempted to accept their fate of “Oh, I’m just getting older.” 👵🏼

I also think some people get mis-diagnosis that could otherwise be corrected by balancing hormones safely. So many people work so hard to reach their goals by eating right and exercising, and still can’t get there. Hormones are so powerful, and they control so much!

Knowing this a private topic, I’m happy to lend an ear, and if you desire to know more, I can share resources that have helped me! Just email me!


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