The Blessings of Comradery

If you have never checked out Minute with Maxwell, John Maxwell that is, I highly recommend it!


John Maxwell is a best-selling author, professional speaker, and ordained pastor, who often focuses on the topic of leadership.


To learn more about him, check out the link below…

John Maxwell Biography


Anyway, Minute with Maxwell is a one-minute video with Maxwell discussing an inspirational word, and the clip usually ends with a challenge of some sort.  I love that you can sign up to receive these videos via email daily. To do that, here’s a link!…


Minute with Maxwell free sign up


Last week, the Minute with Maxwell focusing on “comradery” really resonated with me when I experienced an unexpected level of comradery a few days ago.


However, before I get to the “unexpected comradery,” I have to give props to my husband, Billy. Ever since our move from CA, I feel a heightened level of comradery with him.  Our support system has naturally decreased due to our move, but we are leaning in to each other even more. Our communication is improving as we problem solve and re-establish our new normal. I have a greater appreciation for his loyalty, optimism, humor, ability to multi-task, and generate creative solutions.


I also want to recognize my comrades back in California. This week was extra special as I reconnected by phone with a few girlfriends. I soaked up the nuances in their voices and joined them in laughter. In addition to this, I have made a new friend, and enjoyed my first girlfriend outing in Salado yesterday!

Now, for the “unexpected comradery”: a few days ago, I posted on Facebook that it was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary that day. The headline was for people who knew them or didn’t know them, to post a well-wish.


Multiple Facebook friends commented, but I couldn’t help but notice that MANY of the commenters were business partners within my direct sales company, who have become friends of mine and Billy’s! It truly warmed my heart that they took time to congratulate my parents- even though they don’t know my parents personally. I know it warmed my parents’ hearts as well!


Network marketing has gotten a bad wrap over the years, mainly for the lack of professionalism within the industry. However, this is an example of things going right…


An example of love, support, and comradery!


It’s a blessing to be a part of this community within our company, to encourage, and to lock arms with each of them!


I’ve included the link to the Minute with Maxwell on Comradery below. Make sure to key in on his challenge! Comment and let us know if you accept this challenge!

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