Simplify Your Life: One Product, 40 Associated Benefits

Are you a product collector?



Does your medicine cabinet look like CVS threw up in it?



Ours did!


(Not our actual medicine cabinet, but a representation)


As my husband Billy and I have grown older, we’ve required MULTIPLE products to address a host of issues:  fatigue, insomnia, inflammation, tummy problems, poor mood, hormone imbalance, increased weight, etc.


Not to mention the superficial issues related to aging: wrinkles, age spots, cellulite….


We were spending HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS a month to feel our best, and the product line we used didn’t even touch the superficial stuff!


And, this previous product line kept adding new products: For optimal results, take these 4 products.


(By the way, “product layering” is quite common in the health and wellness industry. BE CAREFUL!)


Then we realized that we were going about things completely wrong!


We learned the reason we were experiencing poor sleep, fatigue, increased weight around the middle, etc. was most likely connected to our aging:  SPECIFICALLY, OUR DECREASING LEVELS OF HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH).



Watch this Dr. Oz video explaining the role of HGH in the body….



We had been trying to treat age related issues WITH MULTIPLE “BAND-AIDS”!



We were thrilled to learn about A PRODUCT that literally goes to the source: the “mother hormone” (HGH), which is made within the pituitary gland!



THE GEL is in a category all by itself:


*One product with over 40 associated benefits



*It’s one of the few HOMEOPATHIC products that is FDA registered.  That means our federal government carefully monitors its production to ensure THE GEL has everything in it that the label says that it has in it.


*It also provides Thyroid and Adrenal support.


*It has been on the market for 14 years, and it has NO reported negative side effects or drug interactions associated with it.



**News of THE GEL is spreading quickly!


*One of the top oncologist/hormone specialists on the East Coast sells THE GEL at his practice.


*The 2018 Emmy bag contained THE GEL!



*THE GEL testimonial pages on Facebook boast over 300,000 members with amazing testimonies and pictures of their results!


***Next week is our 60 day anniversary on THE GEL! Billy and I can’t wait to share in next week’s blog post all the amazing benefits we have been experiencing.  To stay compliant, we can’t claim that you would experience the same benefits. However, you will never know unless you try it out!  If you are interested in more information, comment on this blog post with your email address, and I can email it to you!

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