It’s Okay

When you were young, what did you imagine your adult life would be like?





Does it resemble what you had hoped for?



Or, were you thrown some major curve balls?





Do you feel the sting of disappointment?


In your heart, you know that you have been abundantly blessed, but there was that one thing or maybe multiple things….


Every once in a while, you catch yourself crying.


Then you feel guilty.



“I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. I shouldn’t feel this way….” You tell yourself.



You push the emotions down deep and cover them with whatever positivity you can muster.


Did you know that it’s okay?


It’s okay to mourn for what you had hoped for.


I stumbled upon this Facebook meme posted by a good friend….



I needed this reminder, and I thought maybe some of my friends might too.


However, this isn’t just about the weeping for what we didn’t receive.


The second part of the message is even MORE important than the first part:


“Take a deep breath, continue to embrace the remaining journey of your life.”




It may not be easy, but it is what we must do….


As we enter this season of gratitude, I’ve decided to go back to journaling at least 3 things I am grateful for daily. I have a journal I need to break in….



One year, as a family, we brainstormed  all the things we were thankful for, and we wrote them on a pumpkin. We kept it as a centerpiece on our dining room table so we could see it daily. It was a powerful visual reminder for us!




We also offer prayers of thanks as a family. It is so important we model an attitude of gratitude for our children!




What do you and your family do during this season to embrace an attitude of gratitude?


We’d love to hear!















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