In the Fall

How beautiful leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.
John Burrough


I didn’t realize how ready I was for fall until….


Two weeks ago, I asked my husband Billy to pick up pumpkin spice creamer from our neighborhood market, and THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT!!!!


I guess I could have made this LOL….





I also keep trying to wear jeans to work LOL. Thankfully I have enough sense to dress in layers because in our neck of the woods, we are still having 90 plus degree weather!!!!



Fall is the unofficial kick off of the holiday season.  Because seriously, before you know it, it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving’s a blur, and then we’re cramming in Christmas shopping LOL.



The fall season separates us into neat little categories:  team apple cider vs. team pumpkin spice.



Or, those who go “all out” for Halloween, those who throw costumes together the night before, and those who turn the porch lights off, and retreat to the movies LOL.


Can you guess in which category we fall?






There is so much to love about the fall season. I always print up little bucket lists like this, which are fun to check off as a family….



By the start of fall, it seems kids’ sporting activities have quieted down  allowing more time to socialize with other families.  We really try to host as much as we can at this time since Christmas is flat out crazy!


One of our favorite things to do is outdoor family movie nights.  We have a screen that we either rig to our arbor or attach to an inflatable “stand” so the audience can view from our lawn. We stock up on a variety of popcorn, candy, and mosquito bracelets LOL.

Amazon link for Mosquito Repellent bracelets


Here’s two fun guides about how to put on outdoor movie nights….

How to bring an outdoor movie to your backyard

DIY Outdoor Movie Night


We hope this season is filled with memory making moments and reflections of the many blessings that abound in our lives!







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