Our Mystery Plant

We have a plant that was placed to the right of our waterfall feature- YEARS ago.


The leaves are spiky, and the trunk has some girth now.


It started with one dominant trunk. Then, developed a second.


Notice I am referring to it as “a plant”?


We don’t remember what type of plant that it is LOL.


It was actually a source of debate a few months ago when I posted a picture of it on Facebook.  Most seemed to think it was a Yucca plant.


Here’s what a Yucca looks like…



Here’s what our plant looks like…



There’s definitely some similarities, but I’m not convinced….


A couple of months ago, our “mystery plant” started to grow shoots at its base.


My husband Billy and I thought “oh, that’s interesting….new growth….” Besides that, we didn’t give it a second thought.


Then, a couple of weeks ago, Billy pointed out something disturbing to me:

the leaves on the tallest trunk and its bark had turned dark brown.


That portion of the plant is dying.


Billy said,”I had no idea that those shoots would drain the plant. I wish I had uprooted them when I first noticed them.”


I heard the regret in his voice, and immediately my thoughts composed an analogy:


We are often aware of our unhealthy habits; however, we let them flourish in our lives like the shoots of our “mystery plant.”  If not addressed, these habits can impede our ability to thrive, and they can keep us from living the life we were created to live.


We must be intentional about uprooting negativity in our life!




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