Feed Your Focus

Can we agree that some people are more distractible than others?


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Some have issues related to executive functioning.  Their brains have difficulty getting organized and starting tasks due to deficits with planning, focusing, and their working memory. Here’s a bit more on that….




Others are easily distracted for other reasons.


I fall in the “other reasons” category…


After taking multiple tests online, I’m pretty sure that I’m a casebook “Highly Sensitive Person.”


According to the article 9 Common Traits of Highly Sensitive People in Psychology Today, if you have any of the following traits, there’s a chance that you are too….


*Do you feel overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate?


*Do you withdraw when you’re overwhelmed?


*Do chaotic, noisy settings unnerve you?


*Do you sense when others are uncomfortable?


For more traits, check out this link……  9 Common Traits of Highly Sensitive People


I experience quite a few of these Highly Sensitive People traits, and I would add another: I am an empath.


Not in a paranormal, X-file-y way.

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I deeply feel the emotions of others.


I know that is the way God made me, and I’m thankful for it. It enables me to teach my son and my students how to show empathy.


However, I have to be careful.


I am easily pulled into emotional situations. Thus, enters- distraction.


Social Media can be a double edged sword for me: I love the connection it affords me to friends and family near and far; however, negative posts really get to me lol.


Which isn’t surprising as drama in general gets to me LOL.

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I’m realizing the importance of being intentional about how I spend my mental energy:


*that fine balance of being a sounding board for others, but not being sucked into drama


*worrying less and praying more…


*Realizing so much is out of my control. And, reluctantly accepting that….


*Understanding that energy and time wasted on distractions, keep me from my goals.


I believe that we have to train our minds to be intentional, and to re-calculate when we are distracted.





I’m not saying I have it figured out. Or, that it’s an easy fix….


How DO we train our minds to focus on what matters most? It’s a topic worth further exploring! Stay tuned!







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