Be Brave

Her 40th surprise birthday party had been epic, surrounded by friends and family.


Exactly a year later, Melissa was sitting at her dining room table in front of a supersized birthday cookie- that she had picked up.


Her name misspelled in its frosting.


Clearly her special day was an afterthought. A thrown together family event. When asked by her two young children to make a wish, she hesitated….


Then reflected. She was tired. Tired of letting fear and opinions restrict her.  As she inhaled to blow out her candles, she determined 41 years old would be different. It would be a year of “yes”. A year that she would try new things. Things outside her comfort zone. ….This was the birth of Eat Cake. Be Brave, a book by Melissa Radke, that chronicles her personal journey to find her self-worth and to live the life she was created to live….




My disclaimer: this is definitely a book written by a woman for women. In my opinion, every woman will find some way to relate to Melissa. She is raw yet maintains her humor despite the heartbreaking struggles she has endured. Her perspective is refreshing and inspiring….


By the way, don’t give up reading today’s blog post if you’re a guy! LOL


As I was in the midst of reading this book, we were faced with a difficult decision.



It was a decision that required us to say goodbye to a comfortable place.


A “place” we had planted a seed that had grown for a season, yet was no longer thriving.


We had to get real with ourselves: what part had we played in this? What parts were outside of our control?


After reflection and prayer, we chose to BE BRAVE and to move from our comfortable “place.”



The response to our choice has had mixed reviews, which we expected. We have even been threatened, which  hurt us deeply.  We had shared so much of ourselves only to find out that OUR WORTH was contingent upon what they GAINED from US…


So we move on to a new chapter, full of hope, and with the support of our loved ones. We love all of you. You know who you are….


thank you


Click the link to check out Eat Cake. Be Brave. 


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