Beauty from Ashes: Helpers of the Carr Fire

The Carr Fire of Shasta County is now in the rankings for the worst wildfire in the history of California. A very sobering thought as it currently stands at 35% containment.


*It has decimated over 120,000 acres and destroyed over 1,000 homes. This fire has shown no mercy, thanks to high winds and intense heat, notorious of Redding.

Carr Fire Climbs in Rankings for Worst Wildfire in CA History


Sadly, by the time you read this blog post, (most likely) it’s reach will be even more significant, despite the tireless efforts of our firefighters…



I grew up in Redding, CA, a community of Shasta County. Over twenty years ago, I moved to Chico, about an hour away from Redding, to attend college. However, I have many Redding friends impacted by the fire; whose families have been evacuated. Have lost homes. Have lost so much. My heart breaks for them as I follow updates on our local news stations and Facebook.


The visuals are devastating…





This slide show/collection of Carr Fire images…


However, rising above the ashes are the helpers, as Mr. Rogers called them.




The valiant firefighters, law enforcement officers, first responders, Red Cross, National Guard, Salvation Army, North State businesses, and individuals. It is impossible to list them all…


However, in this blog post, I wanted to highlight some individual “helpers” of the Carr Fire disaster…


Tina Brandt of Uplift Studios, who I’m proud to know, is personally organizing items for Carr Fire evacuees, as her son is up in Oregon fighting fires there! Click the link below for the whole story…


Uplift Studio/TDamante FB Live


Some North state photographers are offering copies of images to previous clients/victims of the Carr Fire whose portraits were destroyed.






And these teenagers who are the next generation of helpers…




Then I spotted more helpers on the 530 Evacuees and Fire Victims Needs Facebook page… (By the way, since these posts were from a private group, I am maintaining the anonymity of the helper/poster.)


Helper #1:



Helper #2:



Helper #3




What about this sweet girl who is reaching out to evacuated children?

Local Girl Starts Makeover on Wheels



Or this sweetie, whose relatives are fighting the Carr Fire, but she wanted to extend her appreciation to other fire fighters…

“Gracious Gracie” Explains Burrito Delivery


Or, these celebrity helpers…


Guy Fieri ventured up to Redding to feed fire victims and first responders.


Guy Fieri Joins the Relief Efforts in Redding…


Leonardo Di Caprio even donated to the Carr Fire disaster fund…




These stories are the tip of the iceberg! If you know of others, please comment! Please share, so the rest of the world can see the good that is coming from this disaster! May these thoughtful acts of service remind us that….





Should you feel compelled to help, here is the link to donate… Support the CA Fire Foundation















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