Your Oyster

When students prepare for life after high school (or college), we often tell them “the world is your oyster.”


The belief in limitless opportunity lasts until it is hijacked by…













These patterns of negativity can impact a lifetime of decision making, and they can literally make a difference between an “average Joe” and a Walt Disney….


Visit Disneyland, and you are overwhelmed not by just the lines (LOL), but the greatness of the  park. It is THE quintessential amusement park.











And, it all started with a man, his mouse, and a VERY ambitious dream…




*The following is a must-see Disney documentary that covers the insurmountable obstacles Walt Disney had to overcome to see his dream become a reality.  Enjoy!


Pretty amazing how Walt dedicated himself to his dream; and was able to see it come to fruition, isn’t it?



We were fortunate to go to Disneyland about a week and a half ago. It is impossible to be there, and not feel inspired by the “dreaming power” of Walt Disney.




What do you dream about?


Always remember….




Walt is proof of it!




2 thoughts on “Your Oyster

  1. Rachel Cox says:

    Yes yes yes!!! Disney properties whether in California or Florida & I assume all other international ones, are proof! Live your dreams! Put dreams out there! Dreams do come true!! Sure do miss our #disneylife but we still try to live it daily, even without actually going to Disney several times a week!! Love you!!


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