Must Try Summertime Recipes

Awwwwwww, Summertime.



A season of friends, food, and fun…


Group of friends having a good time at outdoor party

No one wants to turn on the oven!


Also, children are home for summer vacation, so we don’t want to be preoccupied in the kitchen.


Plus, you can’t grill all the time. The perfect solution?


The Instant Pot!


Now, don’t click out of this if you don’t have an Instant Pot.  There are quite a few recipes that don’t require it (particularly in the last link of this blog post).


*I will also include healthy adaptions to lower fat, carbs, and calories!


*I’ve tried the 15 featured recipes, and I feel VERY comfortable recommending them!


*Be sure to read ‘till the end. I’m also including an additional link to 20 summertime recipes that I CAN’T WAIT to try!!!



If you are a member of the official Facebook Instant Pot community page, you will not be a stranger to these food bloggers:


Pressure Luck- I love Jeffrey’s gregarious New Yorker personality, and his recipes are some of the easiest, yummiest ones out there! Plus, he often includes video tutorials for his recipes! Jeffrey is truly one of the kindest guys you will ever “meet” online. I’ve messaged him questions multiple times, and he is always quick to get back to me! Lastly, it was Jeffrey’s easy, delicious recipes that gave me the confidence to start cooking more often for my family! Pressure Luck Home Page


Adventures of a Nurse- Carla has been a nurse for over 20 years, and she developed her Adventures of a Nurse website about 7 years ago! It features articles on health/wellness, Instant Pot recipes, Disney, and a variety of other subjects. Adventures of a Nurse Home Page


This Old Gal- Jill describes herself as a recipe developer and “home chef.” When presenting food prepared in her home, she doesn’t resort to fancy filming and lighting techniques. She believes in being real, so followers know what they can expect. She is a cat lover and features her fur babies, who resemble the nemeses in Lady and the Tramp. This Old Gal Home Page


This Pilgrim’s Life- Lisa, a pastor’s wife and home-schooling mother of 5, is AMAZING! She blogs about multiple subjects, films FB Lives with her adorable children making planned appearances and cameos, and she recently received a deal for her own cookbook! It makes you wonder if there’s anything Lisa can’t do! This Pilgrim’s Life Home Page


Ministry of Curry- It is no surprise that Archana, a software designer by trade, developed a love for cooking. She was raised in India, eating wonderful food prepared by her mother, a chef. Now, Archana develops her own delicious recipes, sampled by her boys. Her website features recipes, crafts, and family experiences. Ministry of Curry Home Page


Planning a BBQ? A game/appetizer night? Or, outdoor movie viewing? This is the KING of APPETIZERS…


Copy-cat Apple-Bees Spinach Artichoke dip (Adventures of a Nurse)


Copy-cat Apple-Bees Spinach Artichoke dip recipe

*Reduce fat by using 1/3 less fat cream cheese, non-fat or light sour cream, and light or low-fat mayo. By the way, low fat mayo has less fat than light mayo. I promise, you won’t miss the calories! Serve with your favorite chips, crackers, or veggies!


Pulled Pork  (Copy Me That)


Costco Smoked Pulled Pork recipe

*Place on mini-buns for sliders, or on a large bun as a main. Or, eat on top of a sweet potato for a lower carb option.

Sweet BBQ Meatballs (Pressure Cooker Today)


Sweet BBQ Meatballs recipe

*Serve with toothpicks as an appetizer or serve with pineapple chunks on top of brown rice as a main.


Salami Roll-Ups (

Salami Roll-ups recipe

*NO COOKING REQUIRED!!! THE yummiest, easiest recipe that ticks many boxes! Want to lower the calorie count? Use lower calorie salami, and 1/3 less fat cream cheese.


For Your BBQ or Picnic:

Baby Back Ribs (Pressure Luck)


Baby Back Ribs recipe

*These are fall off the bone to DIE FOR! Full disclosure: you will need to use the oven for a bit at the end to caramelize the BBQ sauce. Don’t skip this step!


Instant Pot Hard-boiled Eggs


For the next two recipes, you can use your Instant Pot to make hard-boiled eggs in minutes! Plus, they are super easy to peel! Here’s the method I use…

Instant Pot Hard-boiled Eggs recipe

Deviled Eggs (my recipe)




*6 hardboiled eggs

*2 T of mayo (can be light or low fat), or non-fat Plain Greek yogurt

*1 ½ tsp of your favorite spicy brown mustard

*1 tsp of relish

*Bacon bits to garnish


Cut eggs in half. Carefully scoop out yolks. Mash egg yolks and combine with all ingredients except bacon bits.  Fill cooked egg whites with mixture. Garnish with Bacon Bits.


Potato Salad (This Old Gal)


Pressure Cooker Summer Picnic Potato Salad recipe

*I love this recipe as it includes a step to remove starch from the potatoes, and it includes a clever method to hard cook eggs. To lighten, use light or low-fat mayo, or ½ low fat mayo and ½  non-fat Plain Greek yogurt.  If you prefer sweet relish, sub in for dill pickles.

Magical Macaroni Salad (Pressure Luck)


Magical Macaroni Salad recipe

*This is an awesome recipe because you can customize it to your taste! Don’t like olives? Leave ‘em out!  Cut down on calories by using light or low fat mayo, and subbing in Non-fat Plain Greek yogurt for sour cream.

For Your Fiesta:

Salsa chicken (my recipe) *Perfect for nachos, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and burrito bowls!



*3 mid-sized frozen chicken breasts

*¾ cup of your favorite salsa

*½ cup of water



Add water and salsa to your Instant Pot. Stir. Add chicken breasts on top. You can cover with some liquid but doesn’t need to be completely submerged. Cook high pressure for 14 minutes. Quick release. Cut open the thickest breast to ensure it isn’t pink. If it is, return and cook all breasts for an additional 4-5 minutes, dependent upon thickness of breasts.

To shred chicken: you can use 2 forks, but I prefer this easy method…

Crazy-Easy Shredding Chicken method

Return shredded chicken to Instant Pot, adjust to Sauté medium heat for about 5 minutes. Use in multiple Mexican dishes!


Chicken Mole (Pressure Luck)


Chicken Mole recipe

*This recipe is to die for!!! Instead of using regular peanut butter, I subbed 1 Tablespoon of prepared PB Fit peanut butter powder to cut back on some calories. (With PB Fit, you mix the desired amount of powder with water to achieve the consistency you want.)


Mexican Street Corn (Pressure Luck)


Mexican Street Corn recipe

*To reduce calories, use light or low-fat mayo, and substitute Non-fat Plain Greek yogurt for sour cream.

5 Minute Nacho Cheese Sauce (Budget Bytes) The one stove top recipe that I’m including…


5 Minute Nacho Cheese recipe

*You could use lower calorie cheese, or just use nacho cheese sparingly.


**By the way, Pressure Luck does have a Garlic Guacamole recipe that sounds amazing, but I haven’t tried it yet. Also, the bonus link with the 20 additional recipes has a more traditional guacamole recipe.


 Sweet Treats:

Zucchini bread (Ministry of Curry)


Zucchini Bread recipe

*To lower carbs, substitute 1 cup of Stevia for the sugar. Substitute 1 ½ cups of Protein-packed Kodiak Cakes mix for 1 ½ cups of all-purpose flour.


Apple Crumble (Pressure Luck)


Apple Crisp recipe

*Serve with vanilla ice-cream or vanilla frozen yogurt!


Fresh Peach Crisp Compote (This Old Gal)


Fresh Peach Crisp Compote recipe

*Though I’m sure you can find vanilla beans local, I ended up buying mine through Amazon. Here’s the kind that I bought and the link. (By the way, they are cheaper now than when I bought them!)

To Buy Vanilla Beans via Amazon…

*This crisp is super yummy with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, or vanilla frozen yogurt.


Pressure Cooker Key Lime Pie (Pressure Cooking Today)


Pressure Cooker Key Lime Pie recipe

*This is a DELISH dessert, BUT here’s some helpful hints:

*Don’t use a spring-form pan as the recipe suggests! I did, and even with coating the base with Pam, the crust stuck! If you must use a spring-form pan, use parchment paper. Using the base of the spring-form pan, trace and cut parchment paper. Then place inside the pan. You will still need to spray with Pam, so the sides do not stick. Next time, I plan to use a 7-inch push pan. The recommended push pan is the Fat Daddios brand. Here’s the Amazon link…

To Buy a 7 inch Fat Daddios Push-Pan…


*Don’t use low-fat sour cream! Splurge, otherwise the dessert may not set up!

*Do- double the crust recipe! Otherwise, you will not be able to coat the sides of pan with crust.

I didn’t have access to key limes, so I subbed ¼ cup of lime and ¼ cup of lemon juice, and it was still DIVINE topped with whipped cream!


Better Than *you know what* Chocolate Lava Cakes (Adventures of a Nurse)


Better Than *you know what* Chocolate Lava Cake recipe

*Serve with vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, or any kind of ice-cream or frozen yogurt that pairs well with chocolate.

Carrot Layer Cake (This Pilgrim’s Life)


Instant Pot Carrot Cake recipe

This recipe is a super yummy and a healthy alternative to traditional carrot cake. I like a LOADED carrot cake, so I added ¼ cup of raisins and ¼ cup of drained crushed pineapple. It’s great for breakfast!


20 BONUS SUMMERTIME RECIPES (This Pilgrim Life)!!! Many of these don’t require the Instant Pot. I haven’t tried these but plan to….


20 Essential Summer Recipes


***So many yummy recipes!!! Which ones do you plan to try? Please let me know what you think of them!

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