Your Brain on Facebook…

Ours is a generation of “reality” tv, fake news, social media overload, and phubbing (snubbing loved ones by obsessing over your phone).



Social media has made it a challenge for people to not only live authentically but to connect with others on a deeply personal level.


All social media, including Facebook, propels information, fact or fiction,  at lightening speed. Facebook also nicknamed “Fakebook,” has enabled individuals to create an alternate reality. Everything is picture perfect— seemingly. Friends take a front row seat, and can choose to cheer on or jeer on…

Thus, memes like this….



We must make a conscious effort to live authentically and with intention. Or to perpetuate superficialness.


According to a recent study by UK disability charity scope of 1500 Facebook and Twitter users surveyed, 62 percent reported feeling inadequate and 60% reported feelings from comparing themselves to other users.




*How can we navigate Facebook with authenticity and intention?


  1. Be true to who we are. It is normal to post pictures of ourselves that make us look good, but we should share candid, real life moments too. We shouldn’t  be afraid to post about our hopes and dreams, and occasionally, a vent. We just need to be careful not to be a “Negative Nancy” lol.





  1. We need to establish deep, meaningful relationships with a core group of loved ones, who love us despite ourselves. These loved ones may or may not be on social media. They are our tribe, and embrace us.




  1. We should determine whose opinions actually matter to us. I love the strategy of making a list of these people and placing it in your wallet. A constant reminder of who should have influence upon our choices. Our life.  By the way, never be influenced by someone who doesn’t have what you want out of life!





  1. We can’t allow comparison to steal our joy. There will always be prettier, smarter, and more accomplished people-than each of us. Learn to cheer on others and to be thankful for what you have. And, if you’re not happy about something, stop complaining about it, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!




  1. We need to regularly connect with others FACE to FACE. Social media can never take the place of physically being with others. We were created for relationships!




  1. We may need to consider limiting social media… If we are feeling depressed or constantly frustrated about what’s on social media, we may need to decrease how often we are on social media or unfollow people who make us want to tear out our hair LOL.



***Truthfully, the more that you put yourself out there on social media, the more you open yourself up to criticism. It is a fine balance to be authentic yet not open a can of worms lol. On a personal note, my husband Billy and I have started doing regular Facebook Lives on our personal Facebook pages as one way connect with others.




As a response to one of our Lives, a friend of his commented that he thought my husband was having a mid-life crisis! We had to have a good laugh about this—the alternative was taking it personally.  Facebook affords us LOTS of opportunities to extend grace to others.


It all comes down to working Facebook and other social medias in a way that they’re not working us over.


How do you feel after spending time on Facebook? Happy or depressed?




That will help you gage whether you need to re-evaluate your usage of Facebook. Sometimes we need to do that for our own sanity!


For more reading on this topic, check out this article…









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