One of Life’s Greatest Desires…

…is to be “known well.”


Not to be famous… That’s not what I’m referring to…


How do others know you?….


*As the PTA parent?



*Soccer mom?



*Your name plate title?



Do you ever feel that others don’t really know you for the REAL you?


When that is the case, it can be very lonely, and you can feel very empty.




Of course, there are things we probably don’t want others to know about us. Things we aren’t proud of, so we edit our story…We share what we want to share.  We present our best on social media.


BUT, you need to be you, so your tribe can find you!



We need a tribe/community/peeps who know us, and who love us JUST THE WAY WE ARE. Our WHOLE package: not just our good points, but also our faults, regrets, and “failures.”


Your tribe may include your spouse, other family members, close friends. If you have a tribe, consider yourself BLESSED!



I have been blessed with a tribe that God is growing as I open myself to others and new opportunities. If you know me, you know that I’ve experienced some hard things, including loss.  I believe God allows trials in our lives not only to grow us and our reliance on Him, but also so we can be an encouragement to others!  It has been an honor and privilege to support others who have walked through trials that I have experienced like infertility and loss.





I pray the following for you….



*If you don’t feel that you are “known well,” my hope is that you sense God’s love for you that surpasses any person’s love.


*That you understand: God desires a tribe for you! Ask Him to place the right people in your life.


*That you step out boldly and with discretion (which may seem contradictory) as you decide who to let into your tribe.


*Remember, usually you are only as strong at the 10 closest people in your life. So…



I’m sorry–I had to include this meme LOL!


Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend surrounded by your tribe!








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