Better Together

I had an epiphany the other night at the firepit…

How Eliminating the "Screens" Helps Us Stay Connected

You know that saying,”Talk is cheap”?


Do you know that you can give yourself “lip service”?


I have told myself lots of things the past 6 months.


For example:


I want to do this…


I need to do that…


I’m going to…



(Don’t tell me that you DON’T talk to yourself lol!)


I know what I want to do, but why am I not doing it?


Instead, I’m consumed with…


“I never have done this before…”

“I don’t know where to start…”

“How can I change this…?”




Obviously, these are self-limiting thoughts.


It seems easier to be stagnate sometimes, doesn’t it? But, is that what we were created to be? Weren’t we made to do more than just survive?

Made to Thrive


I asked my husband Billy to help me. I told him that it was too easy for me to stay where I am, but deep down, that’s not what I want.


So, I talked to him about what I want to accomplish and asked him to give me at least one challenge each week. A challenge outside of my comfort zone.

He thought a moment, and he told me. And, it was good. Really good.

Not only was it exactly the type of challenge I needed, but he said he was going to hold me accountable.


Do you have a “Billy” in your life?


He’s kind of cute, isn’t he?


Someone with whom you can share your goals?

Someone you can point blank ask to challenge you?


It doesn’t have to be a spouse, but a good friend, or loved one who is loyal, truthful, and supportive. Once you have identified your person, share your heart with them. Tell them how often you want them to hold you accountable. In turn, they may ask you to hold them accountable on some things.


You may have some hesitations about doing this.


Remember, you are not weak if you ask for help. You are stronger for it!


Because—we are……



For another blog post on this topic, check out: Enough!






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