Nurses: Angels During my Journey to Motherhood

Though this is hard to share, we are being transparent for several reasons: First, we hope this will encourage those struggling with infertility, loss of a child, or a completely different type of trial. Second, by sharing, we honor the lives we lost. Third, every day but especially Mother’s Day, I’m thankful beyond words for the gift of our son. Lastly and certainly not least, thank God for nurses…


For 10 years, I wondered if anyone would ever call me “mommy.”


Doctors tested, poked, prodded, and treated me.


I will never forget the excitement my husband Billy and I felt in the examining room waiting for my 8 week ultrasound upon receiving our first positive pregnancy test.  Our nurse began the procedure, and she stopped abruptly.


“The doctor will be in shortly,” she said. We knew something was wrong.


Our doctor came in, her usual stoic self, performed the ultrasound, and mumbled something barely audible: “No heartbeat.”  She said nothing else. Maybe because she didn’t know what to say… She quickly left the room.


I will never forget how I felt that moment. Sick. Hopeless. Abandoned. I know Billy felt the same.


That sweet nurse did her best to console us, and later called to check on us. She apologized for the doctor. I will never forget  her kindness, and the genuine concern shown to us by the other nurses on staff as we pursued other fertility treatments. And, sadly another devastating loss…


Fast forward 5 years later when our adoptive son Liam was about to be born. It truly felt like a dream. So many times, we had gotten our hopes up, but this time it finally was about to happen: we were going to become a family of three!


To our amazement, the nurses at the hospital also provided us a room, so that we could pass Liam between our room and his birthmother’s room. Our nurses oversaw our birthmother, cared for Liam, and made sure that Billy and I were also cared for during our stay.



Truthfully, nurses were our guardian angels while on our journey to become parents. Though this week is Teacher Appreciation week, it is also Nurse Appreciation week, followed by Mothers’ Day.  It seemed only fitting to praise nurses for all the extraordinary things they do!


Thank the Nurses…


Think of all the nurses and the job they do.

Whenever you are poorly, they are there for you.

A life of dedication that is what they give,

Devoting all their time helping you to live.

Helping you get well, showing they care.

Whenever they are needed, they are always there.

We should give our thanks for the job they do,

And, their dedication that helps you to pull through.

By William Worthless



We wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!


Every child is a miraculous gift!


My first Mother’s Day



Liam and I today





6 thoughts on “Nurses: Angels During my Journey to Motherhood

  1. Lindsey Thomas says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It inspired me to write a poem. I’ve taken for granted the ease of my body producing 5 children. They weren’t easy, but at lease my body did it. I definitely feel for many of my friends who tried and lost so much.

    Liam is too cute for words! It’s wonderful seeing your family being an inspiration!

    Happy Mother’s Day (tomorrow)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Lindsey! I can’t wait to read your poem! It is amazing how many women/couples struggle with infertility. It is something that is always with you as it was part of our journey. So thankful that it ended with Liam! I love you- Happy Mother’s Day to you!


  2. Thersa says:

    Wow, a tear ran down my cheek reading your article. I could feel your pain from loss and your love with Liam! How lucky Liam is to have such an amazing mother and wonderful parents who dreamt and hoped for him before he was even born!! Hugs to you, my friend! Happy Mother’s day!!

    Liked by 1 person

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