Teacher Appreciation Week is NEXT Week!

If you’re a teacher, you need to read this. If you’re parent who appreciates your children’s teachers, you should read this. If you’ve ever had a teacher, you should read this LOL.  Since I am teacher, this isn’t a hint that I need any sort of accolades lol. Instead, this is my tribute to the AMAZING educators I have encountered through the years. Many have had a significant impact on my 17-year teaching career and on my life in general. Are all teachers perfect? Heck no! But, most put their heart and soul into their profession: investing immeasurable energy, finances, and personal time.  At the end of this post, there are links to sites with creative ideas  how you can show appreciation to the teachers in your life….


Melissa Radke is AWESOME! Watch her Red Ribbon Week FB video, and I promise you will giggle. She also has a great Podcast entitled, Ordinary People, Ordinary Things. This week’s Podcast is entitled “An Ode to Teachers.” Even if you’re not a teacher, you should take a listen. It’s not too long. Here’s the link…


An Ode to Teachers


I love Melissa’s revision of  Ecclesiastes 3 as if it was written by a teacher:



There is a time for every teacher and every staff member from August to May when they could use a good massage or a stiff drink.

A time to start school, a time to pray that God ends it quickly.

A time to hang apples or the letter A on your wall, or a time to rip it down so fast it would make your head spin.



A time to imagine yourself drop kicking a kid on the playground. A time to hold that same child when he cries.

A time to come alongside and discipline, to reprimand, and a time to change their color. And a time to hold their hand, hug their neck, and encourage them to try IT one more time.

A time to cry when they cry, or a time to giggle when they giggle. A time to listen when they share their frustrations.

A time to shout for joy when that math problem FINALLY sticks!



A time to say “goodbye” to a class who stole your heart, and a time to say “hello” to a new group of kids, who are just waiting to steal it back.

A time to hold them close. A time to let them try it on their own.

A time to look for that lunchbox, backpack, or one shoe.

A time to send a letter home to momma that says,”I tried. It’s in God’s hands now.”

A time to hang up their art, and a time to take it down, and make room for new things-harder things.

A time to tear gum out of their hair.



And a time to put band aids on scrapes.

 A time to come in close for their teenage secrets, and a time to remind them that it’s hard but you believe in them.

A time to appreciate the parents who care, call, and show concern.

A time to stand up for the underdogs, and perhaps even the unloved.

A time to fight with them, and a time to fight FOR them.

fightingfor them


Now to recognize some inspiring educators who have crossed my path:


Mrs. Jones, you were an amazing History teacher, who literally turned me into a “History buff.” Our Washington DC trip to tour the Smithsonian’s, the White House, the Capitol, Ford’s Theater, and Gettysburg, made me want to be THAT History teacher! The one who breathed life into the commonly stale subject. I’ll never forget the day you told me to relax and get a B occasionally, LOL. By the way, I did finally do that my last year of college when I met my soon to be husband, Billy. I skipped class (ironically my History of American Public Education class) quite often, and I earned a C  *gasp*LOL.


Kathy (Brown), you saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. When you heard a position opened at Willows High School in the Special Education department (one of the programs you oversaw), you suggested that I apply, even though you knew that I only had experience teaching general education.  I was honored to be accepted into the Special Education Internship program at Chico State, and to teach at Willows High as I worked on acquiring my Education Specialist credential. Thank you for supporting me as my Special Education principal. You always had my best interest at heart. I was blessed to be trained by THE BEST administrator!


Tiphanie (Lopez), when I joined the Mild/Moderate program at Willows High, I wondered what it would be like to work so closely with another teacher. I’m so glad it was you! Not only my “neighbor” with an adjoining classroom, you became my sounding board, my mentor, and my friend. Thank you for your continued support and love, even though we no longer teach at the same school site.


Diantha (Candieas): I was so intimidated to make the move to Capay Elementary as the new Intervention Coordinator/Special Education teacher because I had never taught elementary school.  As my right hand “gal,” you gave me the soundest of advice, and we had a blast together!  I’ll never forget exchanging looks across our Learning Center, and your random, perfectly timed jokes and classic songs. You spread unconditional love to all our students, and you taught me the importance of reaching all students—even the tough ones. You showed me how to speak affirmations into our students,  and how to prove belief in them.  I aspire to carry your torch- as you have since retired.


To the rest of the amazing educators I’ve had the privilege to work alongside: I love and appreciate all of you, more than I can express! May we never underestimate the impact we have on our students. May we finish this school year well, and may we inspire our students to do the same.


Parents and Students,  Do you wonder what that special teacher may appreciate from you?


*Never underestimate the power of a personalized note!

*Never feel obligated to spend a lot. Things that are made, are treasured mementos for teachers.

*By the way, I think you are hard pressed to find a teacher who will turn down chocolate anything LOL. However, please do skip the apples…

Here’s some fun gift ideas….

Gifts for Teachers..What to Buy and What to Avoid

Pinterest Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts

101 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

23 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas



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