Product Review of Venofye: Miracle in a Bottle?

You may be THAT girl who has your beauty products completely dialed in…


You may LOOOVE what you are using, but what if there was something even better out there? Wouldn’t you want to know? I would!


Thus, enters the product I’m going to introduce to you…

(Now, for my girlfriends who sell skin care lines, I HIGHLY recommend that you check this out! At the very least, you need to be aware of your competition!)


*First, I am not selling this product, nor do I benefit in any way by featuring this product on our blog.

*Second, I am a super HUGE cheapskate. Just keep that in mind…

*Third, truthfully, I have my 25th high school reunion in July LOL.


So here’s my story…

As my girlfriend Sarah and I were perusing booths at our local Home and Garden Show last weekend, we observed a lady well into her 60’s checking herself out in a hand held mirror. A rep had applied a topical cream to only one of her under eye areas, and the potential customer expressed amazement. Another rep called Sarah and I into the booth. Of course, we had to go inside LOL.

Soon a rep began her routine on me: sweeping the product called Venofye under my brow and then only one under eye area-the  puffiest one. *Side note, I looked like a zombie that day thanks to my seasonal allergies and staying up late the night before.  The difference was extremely noticeable. Check out the pic below! (I think you can tell the right eye under eye area was the treated area.)




She explained that the formulation is so effective due to having peptides and Vitamin E. She said that it can be used on all wrinkles including the neck. One drop for both under eye areas, and that one bottle lasts about 6 months.

Next, Sarah went through the same routine, and also noticed a difference. We knew it worked, but for HOW MUCH?

We were quoted a price that would change a few times, as we dug in our heels a bit on the cost. Look at the price on the company website– YIKES!

Venofye Company website


As the rep was occupied, Sarah checked pricing on Amazon, which was MUCH more reasonable. (She’s a smart shopper!) The rep finally quoted us $150 and threw in a full size body lotion. That was cheaper than the price on Amazon. Here’s the link for you to check out…

Amazon: Venofye



Though there are considerable savings going this route, one can’t be sure you are getting the exact product I purchased through the company at the Home and Garden Show. Also, the price is still a bit steep. If I decide to purchase it again, I will be going the Amazon route, and it will be: my Mother’s Day, birthday, and Christmas gift LOL! If it does last 6 months, it breaks down to about $33 per month! For an anti-aging cream, that is not bad at all!


Honestly, it has been a long haul for me to get healthy- to be well and to release extra pounds that I carried for months. Our natural health supplements have gotten me there! I finally feel INCREDIBLE and ENERGIZED.


I just want my appearance to somewhat match how I feel LOL-thus the little extra help—in a bottle/syringe.

I’m curious if any readers have used this product. Comment with your experience!

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