Practice Makes PROGRESS

I wanted to entitle this blog post “Pulverizing Perfectionism: Practice Makes PROGRESS.” However, my husband Billy said that title was too long.  So, I condensed it lol…


As we were driving to my aunt’s house for Easter dinner last weekend, Billy asked me, “Hey, what happened to that painting that you did last night?”


I had gone to a painting class with my mom. The subject was “Drip Flowers.”  A few different techniques had been involved: traditional brush strokes, watered down acrylic paint that literally dripped down the canvas to create the flowers’ stems, finger-painting rose blossoms, and paint spattering.



Upon completing my painting, I had felt like a big DRIP lol, and I had left it…


“Ummmm, it’s in my car,” I responded. (Don’t ask what happened to the painting that I did before this one lol.)


“Heather, you just need to go to more painting classes. You’ll get better the more you go!”


“This was my 7th painting class… I’ve never been a good…” I stopped myself.



I looked at my six-year-old son, Liam sitting in the back seat-taking it all in…


I thought about what I wanted to say: “I’ve NEVER been a good artist. Sketching and painting has NEVER come easy for me. Why should I keep going?” Then, I thought, “What kind of example am I being for Liam?”


Don’t we always say,” O’Neal’s NEVER give up!”?


If I give up now, I would never realize what I’m capable of achieving as an “artist.” Yes, I strategically placed the quotation marks. However, it’s the truth!


Are you like me?



Are you tempted to give up when something doesn’t come natural for you to do?


When you are uncomfortable?


Do you ever think about what you could be missing out on by giving up?


Or, what you could miss out on by not stepping out and trying something new?


After reflecting, I realize that I am learning some valuable lessons from painting since I started dabbling in it this past year…




*Life is better in full color.


*There’s a learning curve, but there’s always helpers.


*Most mistakes aren’t final.


*It is therapeutic to focus on one task at a time.


*When you take on different tasks, you meet different kinds of people, who enrich your life.


*Stop comparing to others; it steals your joy!


*Next day perspectives are a gift!


To name a few lessons…


I have no plans to stop painting; my perspective is renewed. Instead of scrutinizing up close…




I choose to take a step back…Maybe a few steps back lol…




And, enjoy the process of progressing!


Maybe you will choose to do that too…


Stretch! Grow! Live! Happy renovating!!!




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