Heaven Sent Us Josey

Happy National Puppy Day-yesterday!!! Ironically, we had decided to share the story of Josey, told not only in words but also LOTS of pictures,  prior to knowing the “holiday” was this weekend!  We hope it warms your heart. Our pets are truly a blessing!…



I don’t remember ever praying for a new pet.  When I was a child, my family always had dogs, so honestly, I kind of took my dogs for granted.


After one year of marriage, Billy and I rescued Bella, a Golden Retriever mix from the pound. She had a pleasant yet somewhat snooty disposition.  Even with her minor faults, I thought she was a great dog.  A couple of years later, we adopted Mia, an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix, and then Darla, a Ridgeback/Lab mix. The latter two dogs were descent pets, who reluctantly accepted the antics of our son, Liam, who was a toddler at the time.


However, our family dynamics changed quickly three years ago. Sadly, we had to put Mia down due to Lymphoma, and Darla escaped from our yard, never to return.  A few months after that, Bella at the ripe old dog age of 14, passed.





We took time to mourn the loss of our pets, but there was a point that I began to have the “puppy itch.”


I began perusing the internet for a puppy. Texting Billy pictures of puppies lol. Billy was adamant that he wanted a pure-bred yellow Lab.  Besides the Golden Retriever, Labrador retrievers do seem to be the quintessential family pet. As I perused Facebook one night, I noticed my friend Carrie posted that her Golden Retriever had just delivered puppies. I messaged Carrie about her pups, but Billy was against any “hairy” Golden Retrievers. I mentioned to her that we were open to a female yellow Lab. She contacted a breeder she knew, and it just so happened that he had a litter of yellow labs- with 2 females remaining!


Carrie gave me the breeder’s contact info and told me that she would be praying for us. One day she messaged me that her 9-year-old son was even praying for us!



At first, I thought, “Wow, they’re praying for our decision to adopt a pet! Is that something that needs prayer?”


I shared this with Billy, and he agreed: our family would keep our consideration of a puppy  private, and our family of three would  pray together each night about the decision.




“God, please help us know if we should get a puppy, and which one we should adopt.”


I think this was very powerful  for Liam to be a part of seeking God for wisdom and direction, and to wait for His answer.


Finally, the day came for us to check out the pups! We prepared Liam for the possibility that we may not come home with a puppy. We explained to him that we trusted that God would let Mommy and Daddy know what the best decision would be.


When we arrived at the breeder’s property, there were children, puppies, chickens, goats—everywhere LOL!  Liam spent a few minutes with the pups, but he quickly joined the breeder’s children for some fun.


Billy and I studied the pups, and we came to a unanimous decision on a certain female.




I’ll never forget our hour and a half drive home. We had a crate in the back of our Hummer, but she would not stand for being alone.  Her whimpering caused Billy to pull her over, and she snuggled Liam, finally content.


Since this was in October, we decided to stop off at a fruit stand for a pumpkin. I’ll never forget how she followed Billy, close by.


For those who are familiar with Labs, their puppy stage lasts two or more years. There were times that I wondered about the chewing on our dining room table, and what we should do when Josey spontaneously barked for no apparent reason.  However, those stages passed quickly.


Now we have the….



Most loving…




























And, spoiled lol…




….dog/furbaby that you will ever see. Billy and I feel that she is the best pet both of us have ever had, and we’ve had quite a few.  She has been THE perfect addition to our family, and I really believe it has something to do with our initial appeal to heaven.


(Photo credit: Park Avenue Photography)


(Photo credit: Park Avenue Photography)




One thought on “Heaven Sent Us Josey

  1. Barb Ricci says:

    Ohhhh. …I love this story!! Because you are absolutely right! She is the best dog ever…ever! And am thrilled she truly is an answer to prayer for your family! I’ve had a lot of pets my whole life…none come even close to Josey. Perfect BFF for Liam too! On top of that… we have the wonderful privilege of seeing her in action!

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