Conclusion of Training to Win: Optimizing Your Support System

We have spent the last several weeks focusing on how to train your mind for success. We have covered the following: the role of failure in success; the importance of developing a personal definition of success; goal setting; all successful people have GRIT, and grit’s direct link to the growth mindset. 

In this concluding blog post, I’m going to share ways to optimize your support system.

Maybe you already have a support system in place (to help you achieve your goals), or maybe you are in the process of developing one. As you view the video below, consider….

Does my current support system tic the boxes mentioned?

Or, if you’re in the process of developing your support system, what people that I know personally (or would like to get to know) could fill the 3 support system roles mentioned?



Thank you for watching! Let us know what you think! Until next time, we’ll keep renovating on!



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