Part 2 of Training to Win: How do YOU define Success?

This is the second installment of the blog series that we introduced last week: Training to Win. Before exploring training to win, we need to delve into defining success…  


What IS Success?



Google “success” and you turn up all kinds of definitions and a plethora of articles. Business Insider dedicated an article upon the subject in their article How 9 Incredibly Successful People Define Success.


(When I stumbled upon the article, I thought, “How did Business Insider determine these people were ‘incredibly successful?’” LOL. Anyone notice the irony in their title? But, I thought I’d play along and read the article…)


Business Insider collected the opinions of several well-known personalities; everyone from Richard Branson, Maya Angelou, and Deepak Chopra. If you’re like me, you may value one opinion over another. I’m not going to cite everyone’s perspective. If you’d like to check out what all of them said about defining success, here is the article link.


The following are the perspectives that I found the most profound:


*Thomas Edison defined success as a grind. This isn’t too surprising as holder of over 1,000 patents, and a man with an incredible work ethic. One of his most famous quotes: “Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”



*Winston Churchill believed that for someone to be successful, one had to be relentless. Study Churchill’s career, and you will notice that he was kept out of office for a period of time, yet he chose to stay active in English politics.  Churchill is one of my favorite historical figures; we have a Churchill quote on our fridge…





*Physician and author Deepak Chopra recognizes the correlation of continual growth and success. According to him, “Success in life could be defined as the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals.”



These perspectives resonated with me. In reference to Chopra’s quote: isn’t the definition of happiness and success dependent upon the individual?


How you define success is different than how I define success. However, we probably agree that success is an attitude, a state of mind.


Do you think it’s important to understand how YOU define success? I would argue that it is. For example, a husband and wife could define success very differently. That difference could create conflict within their marriage: not being on the same page when it comes to family goals- finances, raising children, etc.


Are you ready to take on a homework assignment? We did this about 9 months ago! I know that “homework” doesn’t sound appealing, but what if I told you that this could be EXACTLY what you need to help you get unstuck? Maybe, JUST MAYBE, this exercise will give you the push to make the changes that you need in regards to your goals, whatever the goal may be: relational (marital, parenting), health, career, financial, the list goes on…

Bear with me! This is worth it to YOU and to YOUR FAMILY!…

(True confessions: I had to look up the correct spelling LOL…)




HOMEWORK: Develop your personal definition of success

(As described in article entitled The First Step Towards Success is to Define Success for Yourself by Christopher Conner.)


*Go to a quiet place. Consider people you know personally or well-known accomplished people. Think of your personal values, dreams, and your why.



*Write a 1-2 sentence personal description of success. Think about what success looks like as you live it day by day.

— Use this prompt to get started…


My definition of success: to live each moment (list 3-4 specific traits of success you desire to implement daily.)


*Next, identify/write specific goals to help you achieve your success statement.


I hesitated to include the following because this needs to be individual, but here is an example of the author Christopher Conner’s homework assignment which provides the following personally definition of success and the goals that he developed to achieve success:

My Definition Of Success

To live each moment to the maximum with a positive attitude, smile and genuine enjoyment for life, while loving my family and the people around me, and pursuing the plan and dreams that God has planted in my heart.

Goals that support my definition of success:

  • To live by the Golden Rule
  • To become a bestselling author and writer who promotes a positive, inspiring message and influences people’s lives for the better
  • To live up to my personal values and principles and do try my best each day in all of my relationships and endeavors
  • To support my livelihood through my personal business endeavors and ventures


*Next, you need to share your definition of success and your goals with your spouse, children, and others. Not only does this solidify it on some level, but it will generate some very valuable conversations with your spouse and children.



View at


View at

Obviously you won’t be turning this homework in to me lol, but I’d love to hear if you explored it! Next week’s blog post will delve into training to win. What can we do to improve our chances to succeed? What lifelong strategies can we pass on to our children? I’m hoping to provide very applicable, tangible strategies that I can’t wait to share with you next weekend!












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