A Random Act of Encouragement

Usually I don’t write more than one blog post a week; however, I HAD to share something that happened today. Next Saturday we will publish the second blog post in the series we are currently developing: Training to Win. 


I cannot be the only one who hates grocery shopping, right? I think I’d rather clean windows, do laundry, AND wipe out the inside of my oven. Especially when it comes to our Winco. (Do certain grocery stores drive you cray cray? The ones that, no matter what time you strategically plan your visit, they are STILL slammed?! Winco is THAT store. It is AWESOME when it comes to pricing, but there never seems to be a lull. They must be making a killing lol.)


My legs felt like I was wearing my ankle weights lol. As I dragged myself through the entry of Winco, I NEVER could have anticipated the unexpected gift I was about to receive…


I  sped through the discount aisle at the beginning of the store. Most of these items are prepared/processed foods anyway, and landed in the section that I tend to spend most of my time these days: the produce section.  Now, we are buying more produce than we did a year ago, but honestly, part of the reason I spend so much time there, is because I don’t always know what I’m doing lol—what is this new veggie or fruit that I’ve just heard about (or that we are FINALLY going to try), or how do I pick THE best avocados?…



I tried to wait patiently as an elderly lady blocked the sweet potatoes with her cart. Another lady came from the opposite direction. Then, a gentleman came up behind me. As I waited, I scoped out the 4 sweet potatoes I planned to snatch and my exit strategy. Her cart moved, I looked at the lady who was also waiting, and asked if she wanted to go first. “No ma’am. You were ahead me. Go ahead.” I thanked her. I followed through with my plan and made my way to the zucchini. My path crossed with the same, considerate lady.

She smiled and said, “I think we have the same grocery list.” I told her it appeared that way.


I continued to the bulk food section. There we met AGAIN lol. She parked her cart next to mine, and she commented with an observation: “I noticed that you like a lot of the same foods as me. You’re a healthy eater.”


I told her that we try to eat healthy and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I explained that this was a relatively new thing for us, having only a year of it under our belt.

She said,” I want to offer you some encouragement. Eating healthy can be a real struggle.”

Ann shared her story with me. One day she stepped on the scale, and she was shocked to learn she weighed over 250 pounds. She thought: “Who did this?!” Then she said that she realized that SHE had. At that moment, she decided enough was ENOUGH. She stopped buying the cookies, the ice-cream, and chips, and traded them for fruits and vegetables. She beamed as she told me about the elliptical she bought at a garage sale for $25. She continued to change her habits and to forgive herself when she regressed.  After lots of work and determination, she reduced to a healthier weight of 140 pounds. That was 7 years ago.

She encouraged me to keep up our health journey. That it is worth it, despite the sacrifices.

“I try really hard not to judge others-if I see someone who seems unhealthy and overweight. I’m not that person. I don’t know what’s going on in their life, or where they are in their journey.”

She went on to say…”I just wish more people would try eating healthier-even if it’s just for a week or a few days! Once they start feeling better, having more energy, and losing weight-they’d be motivated to keep it up!”

I told her that I agreed 100%. It’s a choice.

It’s a mindset.


What do YOU think? Are YOU ready?

If so, take a few minutes to write down specifically what you want to do. Develop a plan. Tell someone. And, JUST DO IT!


*Ann gave me a very special gift of perspective at the grocery store: a random act of encouragement! I don’t think our meeting was an accident.   I’m sharing her story because I feel I’m supposed to share.  I would love to know if it resonated with you. Message and let me know!

(I loved this pic too much not to use it–despite the fact that it’s a stock photo LOL.)


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