Fittn’ in HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training)

Smack that morning alarm!  Rush to get you and your kiddos ready. Take them to school. Jet to work. Multi-task your day job. Pick the kiddos up from school. Help them with homework. Prep dinner. Clean up. Juggle the bedtime routine. Chill with your spouse. Off to bed…Whew!




Oh no! It’s happened again: maybe tomorrow you’ll be able to fit in a work out!

Don’t be hard on yourself!

That use to be me!

I’m not a morning person, and I hate getting up any earlier than I must.


Soooo, that has left me with squeezing in exercise during the peak time of my day: after work and before my son, Liam’s bedtime of 8 p.m. (There is some speculation that exercise that occurs in the latter hours is not ideal because it can make it difficult for you to get to sleep, so I refuse to exercise after 8.)


Years ago, my approach was to exercise for a SOLID 45- 60 minute time frame. With my current schedule, it’s just not possible.


I began researching to find ways to get “more bang for my buck” regarding exercise.


That’s when I discovered HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training!


In the article entitled Can You Get In Fit in Five Minutes? Professor Jamie Timmons, the chair of ageing biology of the University of Birmingham, conducted research on the benefits of HIT. According to Prof. Timmons, “HIIT training addresses two of the major health benefits of exercise, insulin sensitivity, and aerobic capacity, while simultaneously removing the time barrier to exercise.”


This Is How I Get ‘Er Done!…

*On average, I exercise 4-5 times a week, a total of 30-40 minutes daily, in 10-20 minute segments. (I might do 2/20 minute work outs,  3-4/10 minute work outs, 2/15 minute work outs, etc. You get the picture!


*We have a pretty consistent schedule once Liam and I arrive home from school/work, which enables me to find “pockets of time” to workout.


For example,…

Liam has a snack, and he takes a break to play for a bit. Then, I support him with his homework as needed. After Liam has finished his homework, he gets to play an app for 10-20 minutes as a reward. I set the timer, and I remind him that he must be near me, so I can see what he’s doing while I work out to a YouTube HIIT video.

If we are having leftovers for dinner, and I don’t have too much to do, I may squeeze another short HIIT workout in when he is playing Legos or reading. Currently, I always do my series of planks. They are the hardest to do after eating dinner lol.

(The pic is really blurry because my husband rushed  to capture this moment…The primary reason planks are difficult to do in our home–she scooted under me lol.)


Image may contain: indoor


Other pockets of time that I work out are when Billy and Liam are playing after dinner, or while Liam is taking a bath. Except for bath time, I exercise in the same room that Liam is playing at that time. I interact as I’m able to-obviously I can’t have full on conversations lol.  My final workout, is always floor exercises-usually incorporating weights and targeting my thighs lol.


Your pockets of time may look different than mine.  Maybe you are an early riser, and you can work out at the beginning of the day before anyone is up. Possibly you could exercise when your little one is taking a nap. Or, just maybe you have older children, who do not require quite as much of your attention. Therefore, you may have more flexibility. However, you should try to exercise at about the same time to establish consistency.


FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Commit to somewhat of a regiment with the understanding that you may need to tweak it occasionally as your schedule and/or family’s needs change.


I LOVE Lucy Wyndham HIIT YouTube videos, and she has a TON! Months’ worth! Look her up! Her HIIT videos range from 4-25+ minutes long, so it is VERY easy to find a workout that will fit into your “pocket of time.” Each work out is entitled according to the targeted muscle groups and address full range of motion.


Other reasons I LOVE Lucy’s videos are the diet and mindset “nuggets” she embeds within all her workouts—talk about BANG for your buck! I always feel so energized and re-charged after! Plus, her workouts are very easy to follow. She often offers modified exercises that are perfect for beginners. I should mention that I’m not the most coordinated, flexible, or graceful gal lol. Since I can do her workouts, I strongly feel anyone can! (Of course, be careful not to push yourself too much, and to take extra care if you have been previously injured!  It is not a bad idea to check with your doctor prior to implementing a new exercise regiment!)


Here’s a sampling of my favorite Lucy Wyndham HIIT YouTube videos to check out…

Lose Your Muffin Top 4 minute HIIT workout!




Walking for Weightloss and arm exercises 15 minute HIIT workout!


Lower Body: thighs, legs, and booty (Pilates style) 15 minute workout! (LOVE THIS ONE)


Full Body Fat burner 20 minute HIIT workout!

There are those who disapprove of HIIT. Skeptics think HIIT is another exercise fad, and that it could be too dangerous or uncomfortable for inactive people.  I can only speak from my personal experience. Since incorporating HIIT, I have been the most consistent about exercise than I ever have in my ENTIRE life. That is HUGE! Remember, it’s not just about losing weight! It’s about establishing a long-term, healthy lifestyle.


I hope you are encouraged: you CAN fit in exercise! Check out HIIT! You may fall in love with it like I have!  Make sure to share this blog post: you never know who it may inspire! Happy renovating!





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