How to Become A Calorie Counting Ninja

Disclaimer: I am not a trained nutritionist or medical professional. I am only sharing information that has helped me and my husband Billy with our health/weight management journey. Billy and I have both lost 25 plus pounds!  I was able to reach my weight loss goal last summer, and I was able to successfully maintain through the holiday season! Billy is not too far off from meeting his final weight loss goal! I’d like to add: our 6 year old son, who is a major Ninjago fan, inspired the title of this blog post, and even helped me select pictures for it!


When someone brings up calorie counting, most people’s eyes roll into the back of their heads. I’ve seen it lol. From Billy LOL!!!




Why do people detest calorie counting?


According to the article These 3 Easy Calorie-Counting Rules Will Help You Lose Weight, many find calorie counting difficult to do. First, they don’t understand how many calories they should be eating per day. Second, people think that it takes too much time and energy to count calories. Lastly, many people don’t think calorie counting is that beneficial.


You can’t really manage your weight unless you know your caloric intake.

It is THAT important.

Honestly, I didn’t start losing weight until I began tracking my calories. Yes, I played it old school-I wrote everything down lol.  It wasn’t hard to do once I established the habit of documenting, and I found it EXTREMELY eye opening.


You can’t change something that you don’t acknowledge, right? So, once I realized that I had no clue about anything related to my caloric intake, I knew I needed to change that quickly if I was serious about losing weight…


Here’s what I’ve learned…


  1. If your goal is to lose weight, check out this calculator developed by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases to determine the daily caloric intake that you should shoot for in terms of weight loss. (insert link). In order for women to lose weight, it is recommended to limit calories to a 1200-1500 range per day.



  1. Track how many calories you eat and burn through physical fitness.

Check out this (link) online to track your caloric intake for free.


Or, download the Calorie Counter Iphone app.



Don’t forget to factor in the calories you are burning when you exercise! Many pieces of equipment such as treadmills track your calories burned. Or you can research articles online such as List of Activities & Calories Burned to reference the average amount of calories burned during specific physical activities…



  1. Eat Smart!


Limit processed (or pre-made) foods, carbs/sugar, fatty, and high sodium foods.

Fit young woman fighting off fast food



Eat more healthy, whole foods, vegetables, and fruit.



Control portions with visuals and tricks: eat food portions no larger than a tennis ball (about equivalent to 1 cup); place food on smaller plates to give the illusion of eating more; and don’t eat straight from containers.


Find healthy food substitutes. Love bread? Make a “sandwich” by using slices of        cauliflower pizza crust, cucumber halves, or toasted sweet potato slices.  Eat a “protein    burger” wrapped in lettuce. Enjoy a burrito bowl-minus the tortilla. Substitute cauliflower rice for traditional rice. Eat fruit for dessert.


**My personal favorite that literally cuts 200 calories per serving? Substitute PB Fit (or another brand of oil-less Peanut Butter powder) for regular Peanut Butter.




When it comes to calorie counting, consistency is the key! However, don’t forget to allow yourself one cheat day a week! (Just don’t go too crazy!) Otherwise it is very difficult to maintain restrictive diets for the long-term. Be kind to yourself, and realize, there will be times you “fall of the wagon.” Forgive yourself, and get back to it! The reward is too great to give up your dream of a healthier you!  You owe it to yourself and your family!



On a side note…


Could you use a jump start to your weigh loss journey? Or could you use a little assistance with maintaining? Send me an email:! I’ll send you information on our AMAZING, all-natural product that has recently gone VIRAL! Billy is using the product now for weight loss, and he is having success. He is one of MANY! I tried it this week to control my cravings. It suppressed appetite, and it kept me from raiding our pantry of chips and chocolate. Hallelujah!!!






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