Behind the Picture

I posted a picture on Facebook that I never thought I would post. In fact, I really struggled with sharing this picture in our blog. However, we are pretty transparent here…


Those who know me know I HATE having my picture taken. I also do not wear a two piece in public. I wear the one piece that’s skirted LOL. Seriously though, I have always struggled with body confidence/self-esteem…


My husband Billy thought this picture was a good synopsis of my personal health journey.  The “before” picture on the left is of me at my heaviest. The “after” picture is current, without any make up. (I’m the girl who has to wear make up to run a few blocks to the grocery store LOL.)



It is noticeable: a twenty-seven pound difference.


Yes, I’m excited that I fit into some of my smaller, cute clothes, and I have even shopped for a few new things. However, I am most thankful for the SIGNIFICANT improvement in my overall health, and that I feel GREAT!


I want others to know that small changes to your lifestyle can really add up. In fact, they can make all the difference in your world!





I BELIEVE IN YOU! It’s time for YOU to believe in YOU!


If you’ve been following our blog regularly, you will notice this is blog post is really a summary of our health journey.


The changes that Billy and I have made include the following….


*We made our health a priority, and changed our mindset! Our change in mindset enabled us to pursue a healthier lifestyle- not a quick fix diet. Check out our mindset blog post here…


*We learned that no matter how healthy you eat, it is impossible to acquire all necessary nutrition from your food. Thus, we began taking all natural, high quality supplements.



*We began eating healthier: eating out less; eating lower fat and lower carb; watching portions. For more information about additional diet changes we made, check out this link to a previous blog post…


*Personally, I do HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts and strength training 5 times a week for 30-40 minutes. Billy’s approach to working out is a little different than mine. For more about that, click the link to our exercise blog post…


*We began reading/listening to audible books about mindset and personal development. Here’s a link to one of our favorites, The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winners and Whiners…


*On a spiritual level, we re-committed ourselves to God, and began attending church again. We are gearing up for our first co-ed Bible study!


* Billy and I have significantly decreased our television viewing to improve our quality time. Check out our blog post about that…



Unexpected Benefits to these Changes

*I’m more fit and healthier than I have been in years!

*We decided to  join the AMAZING health and wellness company ! The products have literally changed our lives, we love our business partners, and we are having lots of fun doing it!

*The change in mindset regarding our health has had a trickle-down effect. Both of us have noticed that we are open to trying new things in other aspects of life.

*I began writing this blog to document our health journey. Writing has always been a passion of mine, so this is a fabulous way for me to get my fix.

*I’ve decided recently to research what it will take to become a certified health coach! I don’t plan to quit my teaching career, but hope to health coach on the side.

*I’ve started dreaming again; and I’m hopeful for a BIG future! Sometimes you don’t realize that you’ve stopped dreaming. I’m so thankful that was revealed to me, and that I have started taking intentional measures to correct that! Here’s my blog post about dreaming, which has some great resource links about how to jump start your dreaming again…


So that’s it in a nutshell! We are very passionate about maintaining our health/wellness and helping others do the same!  If you like what see, have any questions, or just want to connect, NEVER hesitate to reach out! We love sharing what we have learned on our health/wellness journey!


Who’s ready for a little renovating?


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