Pursue Your Passion, Experience Joy

Do you do what you love to do?


Are there certain interests, hobbies, passions that you regularly incorporate into your life?

Or have they taken a back burner?


Maybe you are at a complete loss in knowing what your passion(s) is/are.


According to the Huffpost article Does Pursuing Our Passions Really Make Us Happier?, Robert Vallerand and his associates from the University of Quebec discovered those who pursued their passions added 8 hours of joy to their week. (I’m not sure how they came up with 8 hours, but it does make sense that people who pursue their passions would be happier than those who do not pursue their passions.)

In this same article, author Joe Robinson, states, “Studies show they (passions) increase positive emotions during activity, boost positive mood, and decrease negative feelings afterward.”

Why is this positivity so important?


Aren’t some aspects of life pretty negative? Flying at us from every direction? (Sometimes reminiscent of a Lifetime movie lol???)

We need the positivity of passions to counter balance the negativity of life!


When your life includes your passions, you will feel fulfilled: (more) YOUR TRUE SELF.


In the video below, I’ll share some of our passions and interests and why my husband I, as well as many others, don’t pursue passions on a regular basis.




As touched upon in the video, 2018 is THE TIME to live an EXTRAORDINARY life!

It’s time to make our pursuit of passions a priority!


Check out How to Find and Make Time for Your Passion, Even When You’re Busy:



I’m not sure that we can live intentionally without regularly incorporating our passions…


What do you think?


Let us know what passions “float your boat,” and how you plan to start incorporating them more often. Or, if you already do that, please share how you do it! We’d love to hear from you!


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