Operation: Mission Appreciation

Today is National Wreaths Across America Day. Across our nation, over 1,000 cemeteries, including our national Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC, will be hosting wreath laying ceremonies for our fallen veterans. According to the official website, the purpose of the day is “to remember, honor, and teach.” You can help by following the link below- there are volunteering and donating opportunities.  



I’m sure you are like me. You probably have family members who have served our country in the armed forces. (Maybe you even served. If that is the case, thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice!)  I have cousins, an uncle, and both of my grandfathers who served (during World War II).  One particular family member/veteran has been on my mind lately. Here’s why…. (Check out the video below to hear my exciting, developing story!)


Here is the portion of my grandfather Louie Ricci’s interview featured in the documentary Witness to War: Hell in the Pacific…


A pic of my grandfather and dad on the golf course…

dad and grandpa

Stay tuned! I am determined to find the mystery teacher who was responsible for the submission of my grandfather’s interview to the Library of Congress. My grandfather passed away 8 years ago, and it was pretty special for my family to learn of this documentary. If you are a Chico, CA local, and have any information about Chico High teachers who implemented the Veterans’ History project, please let me know!

Please make sure to thank a veteran, a teacher, and anyone in your life who works extra hard! Sometimes a little extra love and appreciation is the greatest gift! Click the link below to learn more about the Veterans’ History project. It is extremely important for the preservation of our nation’s history.






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