It’s National Adoption Day: Our Story

June 18th, 2011 will always have a special place in our hearts.


That’s the day that our family and friends joined us in celebrating the adoption of our son, Liam.


Our struggle to pursue a family had been exhausting and long- nearly 10 years.  What a roller coaster! Medical tests, treatments, 2 positive pregnancy tests, and sadly 2 losses.  We had been in prayer through our entire journey, but we began to feel God prompting us to adopt. He began opening doors, and soon we were waiting within the program of a local adoption facilitator. On my Grandmother’s March birthday when I was visiting her, Billy called me to share the exciting news: we had been chosen by a birth mother, and she was due the next month!


It was a whirlwind as we began to prepare. I’ll never forget our epic trip to Walmart, filling 2 carts as we stocked up on necessary baby supplies lol. At the time of the call, all that we had was baby furniture.  Family and friends were excited to throw a baby shower for us, but we opted to wait until after Liam’s birth in April. How exciting to have him be there, and to be the guest of honor!


The day of the Baby Shower had come, and I was a ball of emotions. Not only was the shower a culmination of years of hopes and dreams, but I had planned to share our hearts at our shower. I actually worried that I wouldn’t be able to speak due to the level of emotions that I felt. So, I wrote what I wanted to say. Honestly, it was a couple of pages long, so I won’t share the whole thing, but here’s an excerpt…



The day after Liam was born, our family visited us. Our birth mother shared Liam with us that day, and she graciously told Billy that she was willing to meet any of our family members. Earlier that day I had “met” her mother and sister over the phone-an amazing thing! My mom and one of my aunts met our birth mother, and it was a very special opportunity for them to thank her for helping us to achieve our dreams and to recognize her brace choice to provide Liam an adoptive life.


Prior to leaving the hospital, our birthmother asked the hospital chaplain, a very sweet lady, whether she could pray a blessing over Liam. Just before the prayer, the chaplain told us that she and her husband have desired to have a family for years, and she hoped someday that they would be blessed through adoption just as we have been. As you can imagine, our birthmother, Billy, and I were in tears by the end of the prayer…


When we arrived home that night, Billy told me that he had spoken to one of Liam’s nurses, and she had asked him to what extent we had gone to have a family. They swapped infertility/treatment stories, and she said that she and her husband would most likely adopt. She even asked about our adoption facilitator. As I think about the chaplain and the nurse, I can’t help but wonder what kind of impact our experience will have on them. I wish I could know! It has been quite a journey to become a family of three! Through it, I’ve related and drawn strength from a few scripture references. The one I feel captures the tone of our journey’s culmination is:


Ephesians 3:20

“Now all glory to God who is able through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely MORE THAN WE MIGHT ASK OR THINK.”


The blessing of Liam has exceeded what Billy and I could have ever imagined. We are so thankful to God, and so grateful for the love, support, prayers, and words of encouragement have felt by all of you, our family and friends.

Here is a picture from our baby shower…



It seems so fitting that National Adoption month is November- a time of Thanksgiving. A time to hold our families close. We will forever be thankful for Liam.  In hindsight, we wouldn’t change a thing about our journey.  God’s plan was best. Thank you, Jesus!


This picture is after our court session finalizing our adoption. Can you see our teary eyes?



A special gift from a previous student (love ya, Jenna!)



Our family of three at our first NASCAR race (taken this summer) …






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