Do you feel stuck in an area of your life? Don’t feel bad. Everyone feels it at some point. I wrote this letter “to self” to capture THAT feeling when you finally decide “Enough is enough”…

Dear Stuck Self,

TODAY I end my hopelessness. I accept all that has happened in my life as part of my unique journey. The good, the bad, the in-between.

I will stop comparing my life to others’ lives. I will be grateful for the many blessings I have received that I do not deserve. My health, family, friends, and daily sustenance. I recognize that this world is only temporal. I choose not to squander my time. If my heart whispers “it’s time for change,” I WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO ENACT POSITIVE CHANGE. I believe that I was created to live an abundant life. No longer will I accept “just getting by.”

I will recognize every relationship, past and present, as a lesson to be learned. For those who continue to walk with me, despite my faults, they are my people. I will demonstrate intentional love with my words and ACTIONS. I will not take my people for granted. I will make time for them. I will initiate and reciprocate ACTS of love. For those who hurt me unintentionally and intentionally, I will FORGIVE. I will try to see from their perspective. I will search my heart for any responsibility I may have. I will ask for forgiveness when I should. I will understand that things may not be as they were. I will pray about letting go of relationships that are not mentally and spiritually healthy for me. I will not focus on pain from failed relationships. Nor will I become bitter- EVER.

I will share these commitments with a trusted confidant. By doing so, I will increase my likelihood of change. I’m done with just surviving. I’m done with just making it. I am committed to becoming all that I was created to be. I am excited to see what is in store for me, realizing that it is a process. It may take some time. I AM WORTH THE INVESTMENT OF TIME, ENERGY, AND RESOURCES. Thank God for instilling that value in me!


Renovating Self

Did this resonate with you? Is it time to begin your renovation? No matter how daunting it is, you have the power to change. Maybe it’s in the area of relationships, finances, or your health. There comes a time to say “enough!” Your turning point! With focus and dedication, you can do it! We are still working on our areas of change. We know that anything of value in life is worth working for, and we will keep working towards positive changes in our health and wellness-among some other things.


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