20th Installment: Blessed to Be a Blessing

You know this meme that is floating around on Facebook…


Isn’t it the gospel truth?

I am one of those girls. I have NEVER been able to walk in heels.

(Shane, from junior college Nutrition class, you were so full of it! No one besides you has ever asked if I took ballet LOL!)

So, I need to decide what to do about my inability to walk in heels soon because I received an unexpected gift last weekend…


Last Saturday, I drove out to my Aunt Sherry’s house. She and my Uncle Randy had some really great costumes that they offered to loan us for our family Halloween theme. (Can’t share our theme yet-still a secret!) As I was “shopping” their costumes, she came out with this beautiful black dress.

THE quintessential black dress.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s reminiscent.

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Breakfast at Tiffany's)_02

(I HAD to share this fun pic of Audrey Hepburn. I’ve never seen this Breakfast at Tiffany’s promo!)


Sherry told me that she wanted me to try it on. She had just bought it, but thought it would fit ME!

I didn’t hesitate.

I scurried to her guest bathroom. Upon zipping it up, I couldn’t believe it.

I walked out to show her. She was as giddy as me.

“Come to my closet, and let’s find you some high heels.”

She handed me leopard print heels to complete the look. Though they were a bit big, and  I wobbled in my true to newly- born- heifer form,  I felt PRETTY.



I felt PROUD.

She hugged me, and GAVE me the dress as a reward for my weight loss accomplishment (of 27 pounds).

I felt THANKFUL. Told her so. Then I texted her later…

“Sherry, did you see my blog post earlier about staying motivated?”

I texted her a pic of the excerpt of my blog post where I discussed my strategy of picking up “a cute little number” to wear during a holiday festivity.  (My suggestion involves buying something slightly smaller or an outfit that fits now, in order to keep you on track with your weight/health goals. Honestly, I had not gotten around to buying a cute outfit myself.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went clothes shopping lol! Ladies, can you relate? When do we have time to shop? That’s why so many brick and mortar stores are going out of business and Amazon thrives, right????)

Sherry was shocked. She had not seen my blog!!!

“Something told me to give you my dress. I think God wanted me to give it to you.” She explained that IT BLESSED HER TO BLESS ME.


What a generous thing to do! It makes me want to look for special opportunities like that too. I think they are around us more than we realize. If we are open…Let’s make it a mission to look for opportunities such as these! Intentional living at its finest! Like, share, and comment—we love to hear from you! Thank you for checking out our blog. We are celebrating today’s 20th installment! We have some wonderful, valuable content in the works…Stay tuned!


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