Intentional Seasonal Decorating

I’m really struggling with this blog post.

Weekly I try to write something of value and relevance. It can be a challenge. To say there is a lot going on in the world would be a gross understatement…

Our hope is, when you take a few minutes to read about our journey, that you experience a break from the craziness, that you are encouraged, and that you are inspired in the pursuit of intentional living.

“Intentional living” is a phrase up for interpretation. I’m sipping my coffee and eating a piece of peanut butter fudge from Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm, and mulling it over.  To us, it means being premeditated about your plans, goals, dreams, relationships, etc. Not putting off what you can or should be doing today.

Is it easy?


Do we have it all figured out.

Heck no.

However, we think it’s worth pursuing.

There are some who believe intentional living, in its purest form, means being a minimalist. In a way, I agree with this. I believe we shouldn’t get hung up on the superficial and acquiring more and more “stuff”.

With all that said, I’m pretty intentional about decorating for the seasons and holidays.

True confessions: I’m NOT a minimalist when it comes to my home décor.

As a young girl, I watched my mother create a warm, inviting home during each holiday season. In my mind, that’s what moms did. Fast forward to more recent years. I remember our neighbor Kathy’s front entry way. A flag proudly proclaimed each season. A certain potted evergreen tree coordinated with each theme. At Christmastime, Kathy’s expansive Santa collection populated her living room and kitchen… Prior to the birth of our son Liam, she told me, “Heather, one day you will have children, and you will do the same things.”

She was right. I have always enjoyed decorating and embracing the seasons/holidays. However, it took on a deeper meaning after Liam became older and cognizant.  As Billy rifles through bins (we finally labeled them all lol), and trudges from our shed to the house, Liam’s excitement always builds. He loves discovering what is inside of each bin. Such rich conversations happen as I pull out treasured pieces of our seasonal collections. We talk about the season/holiday, why certain treasures are representative of that time, where certain items were purchased, which ones are my favorites, to name a few. (I’m sure many of you can relate.)

When the calendar and weather signaled the start of Fall last week, our Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations debuted. I thought it would be fun to share our Fall vignettes.


We would love for you to comment with pictures of your favorite Fall décor… SHOW and TELL!

















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