Our Latest Change

Change is in the air. I can feel it.  There’s evidence on Facebook, and within conversations we have had with loved ones.  Fall is around the corner-though the triple digit weather acts as if it isn’t so.  It isn’t surprising that we, the O’Neal family, are experiencing yet another BIG change that was brought on by a phone call in mid-July.

My husband Billy came home to tell me that he had received a recruitment phone call to another bank. Up until that time, he had been a mortgage banker at a local bank for 12 years. The recruitment did not surprise me. He has received calls from other banks before. What surprised me was his excitement.

I listened to him relay everything to me. It sounded as if they made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. It was such an improvement over his current situation he explained. Being the skeptic that I tend to be, I just studied him.  He told me that the previous day he had prayed in church for a big change. He knew he wanted something to change, but wasn’t sure what it was that he wanted. Then he received the phone call the next day.

It seemed too coincidental not to acknowledge. It was as though God was granting Billy’s prayer request in a warp speed, which we are not use to happening. As more details came together, it seemed to be further confirmation.

The final detail came together when he received word a week ago that his background check was complete, and he was offered employment. He gladly accepted the offer!

We both see the irony of our “change” themed Facebook Live videos. In one Facebook Live, we had even discussed how to know when you’re ready for a big life change. Honestly, I believe our Facebook Live videos prepared us for this coming change, and it’s pretty amazing to think that God can use something like Facebook Lives.

I’m pretty excited about this opportunity for Billy. I’m proud of his leap of faith, and his desire to “walk the walk.”   He is such an inspiration to me. I want to be more like him: to be mindful of golden opportunities, to listen with my heart to God’s leading, and to take action, trusting it will work out…

I hope this inspires you too. If it does, please message us! We’d love to hear from you!

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