Exercise: He Said, She Said

A huge part of any health journey is the incorporation of exercise. The benefits of exercise are many: improved physical health, mental well being, and much more! Just as there are differences in opinions about “dieting” online, there are also differences in opinions about exercise. In fact, there are differences between my husband Billy and me when it comes to exercise. Here’s the “skinny” (pun intended):

He Said: Exercise Guidelines:

1.     Know Your Why!
 *What is motivating you in the first place to exercise?
2.     Stay committed!
 *Develop a regular exercise routine. Make sure to include a day of rest!
3.     Action=Progress
 *Any action is progress in doing something.
4.     Mindful eating!
 *Burgers and unhealthy foods will set you back!
5.     Encourage others to exercise!
 *Motivating others, motivates you!

Billy’s Routine:
*I exercise for about 45 minutes at least 5 times/week.
*I run to get my heart rate up 3 times/week.
*I try to do core training with my own body weight 2 times/week. This includes ab workouts, planking, and crunches. I also use dumbbells to work on my arms.

She Said: Exercise Guidelines:

1.     Find exercises that you LOVE to do!
* If you don’t enjoy exercise, it will be a chore, and you won’t want to be consistent.
2.     Develop a weekly routine!
*Choose what days/times you will exercise, what type of exercise you choose to do those particular   days, and have a back up plan in case you can’t follow through with your plan.
3.     Accountability Partner
*This can be a spouse, friend, or even an app. If you have an accountability partner for dieting, I         would suggest the same person for exercising-if they have exercise goals as well. Keep it
4.     Vary your exercise!
 *Make sure to regularly incorporate cardio, strength training, and toning!
5.     Don’t eat crummy and then kill yourself working out!
 *Try to be consistent about diet and physical activity. Remember about 80% of weight loss is related  to healthy eating.
6.     Know when to push yourself and when to back off!
 *According to my former personal trainer, most people don’t challenge themselves enough.              Remember, no pain no gain! However, be very careful if you sustain an injury. Gage 
 whether you are able to do modified workouts.
7.     Incorporate family physical activity as much as you are able.
     *Kids really need about an hour of physical play a day. They may not get that at school. Make sure to encourage your children to play every day of the week. Plan fun physical activities to do as a family during the weekend-swimming, bike rides, skating, team sports, etc.
8.     Don’t measure and over weigh yourself!
*The reality is you may gain weight since muscle weighs more than fat. Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week. Instead, pay close attention to how your clothes are fitting you.
9.     Don’t give up!
*There will be setbacks- busy schedules, injuries, etc. Keep your eyes on YOUR WHY!
10.  Fuel up with the right foods and quality natural supplements!
* You need energy to workout! 
Heather’s Routine:
I incorporate exercise at least 5 times/per week for about 1 hour/per day. However, I break my exercise into four 15 minute intervals throughout my day because it is too hard to do it all at once:
         *10-15 minutes of strength training and toning
         *Two 15 minute time intervals of cardio (usually a walking/jogging work out,
           Treadmill, etc.)
         *10-15 minutes of strength training and toning
I have not refined my strength training as much as I’d like. It is a work in progress. I usually work most muscle groups 5 days a week, but I understand you should take breaks in between. I use free weights, ankle weights, my body weight (push ups, planks), and an exercise ball for crunches due to my back issues.
The walking/jogging workouts also incorporate toning exercises. I like Leslie Sansome’s videos on youtube, and she has a workout app Leslie Sansone’s Happy Walk. I also like Lucy’s Home Workouts for Women, who is also on youtube  Indoor Walking Work Out with Lucy.
This regiment has worked out beautifully as I’ve had an open schedule this summer. However, with school starting next week, things are about to change. I need to find a way to narrow my workouts to about 30 minutes about 5 times/week. I’m in the process of researching options. I’ll let you know what I decide! 

Supplementing to Improve Workouts:

We both use our natural energy product prior to workouts. The benefit is sustained energy that lasts for hours! It truly, enhances our workouts. In addition to this, we use our natural anti-inflammatory product post-workout. The benefit is a quicker recovery, which helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. Any questions about our products, never hesitate to ask!

We hope this blog post encourages you on a few levels. First, it’s okay not to have it all figured out. Doing something is better than doing nothing! Next, implement enjoyable exercise into your routine that you can sometimes (doesn’t have to be all the time) do with family and/or friends. Lastly, keep YOUR WHY in sight, and never give up! You’re worth it!
If this inspired you, please message us! Next week, stay tuned for our latest, greatest change. We can’t wait to share!

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