Our Healthy Eating Guidelines

Don’t you HATE the word “diet”? Doesn’t it have a negative connotation? Eating carrot sticks? Passing up the birthday cake at your work party? Stepping on the dreaded scale? That’s why I entitled this blog post “Our Healthy Eating Guidelines.” Sounds better, doesn’t it?


If you have been following our story, you know that my husband, Billy and I have lost a combined weight of  nearly 45 pounds! The weight loss has been noticeable, and we are getting asked quite often “what are you guys doing to lose the weight?” We want to share with you what has helped us out the most. First, this is going to be the “horse sense” approach because we do not follow a particular diet system or philosophy like Weight Watchers, Keto, etc. Remember, we are NOT nutritionists, and there’s a lot of conflicting information online. It’s important that you find what works for YOU! Also, you may want to consult your family doctor if you are wanting to make changes for significant weight loss.
Our Healthy Eating Guidelines (In order of importance):

1. It starts in the MIND!
*First, you have to make your health a priority.  You have to acknowledge that you will need to make sacrifices like passing up your favorite foods sometimes or getting up early to exercise. This is where your WHY comes into it. Why should you make your health a priority? Because YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOUR FAMILY IS WORTH IT!
*Second, you need to set realistic, measurable goals that have deadlines. According to my previous personal trainer, it is reasonable for a person to lose up to 2 pounds a week. Use that “rule” to help you determine a reasonable, measurable weight loss goal. For example, let’s pretend that you weigh 150 pounds on July 31st.  Your goal may be: “By August 31st I will weigh 142 pounds.” Track your goals and progress in your phone or a journal.
*Third, change your self-talk to foster a growth mindset. There will be setbacks. Don’t allow the word “can’t” into your dialogue unless it is followed by “YET.”  For example: “I can’t lose weight….YET”  Adding “YET” adds hope! You can do this with will power and determination! (Check out my previous blog posts about growth mindset!)
*Fourth, change your perspective about food. No longer use food as a comfort, a reward, or a solution for boredom. Food needs to become FUEL.
Can you relate with this testimonial?  Why we self medicate, punish, reward ourselves with food 
2. Accountability!
This has been HUGE for Billy and me! We don’t have a scheduled “check in,” but we do chit chat about the eating choices we made during our day, and we discuss future dinner options. It helps to dialogue, so I can prepare foods that we both like. I think it is best to choose a person who is also making healthy changes to their diet as well. That way you can support and empathize with each other. If it isn’t your spouse or someone you see regularly, you may need to schedule “check ins.” 
3.   Learn this calorie “formula.”
If you multiply your current weight times 15 it will give you the amount of calories/per day you need to eat to MAINTAIN your current weight.For example, if you want to maintain your weight of 130 pounds, you multiply 130 x 15= 1,950 calories/per day you should eat to maintain. 
If you want to lose weight, you multiply either 10-14 times your current weight to give you the amount of calories/per day you need to eat to LOSE weight.  For example, 130 x 10=  1,300 calories/per day you should eat to lose weight.
4.   Be mindful of what you eat!
*Research basic nutrition!
* Familiarize yourself with goods fruits and vegetables to eat while “dieting.” Not all of them are created equal!
*Plan your healthy meals and snacks! Meal and snack planning will help you avoid defaulting to take out or going out to eat.
*There are all kinds of guidelines when it comes to portion control. Implement ones that make sense to you, and that you can remember or take a cheat sheet like what is in the following  article! 
*Read labels and limit foods (and drinks) that most consider unhealthy: high sodium, saturated fats, loaded with carbs, alcohol, and sugar (including artificial sweeteners). 
*You may consider keeping a food journal and daily tracking your caloric intake
5. Trick Your Body!

 When you are eating healthy, your food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard! Instead, find some delicious recipes that trick your body into thinking it’s not missing out. The only things you should be missing out on are excessive calories and fat-not flavor! There are numerous websites with AMAZING recipes. Check out Pinterest and Facebook groups for tried and true recipes as well as these yummy looking websites.     
     6.  Every once in a while, indulge.
      If you don’t indulge, you will feel deprived. This could cause you to give up early in the game. In a season of weddings, reunions, and vacations, splurge a little-just don’t go crazy lol! Some people choose to have one “cheat” day a week. We recommend a cheat day that you can have some restraint. 
   7. Learn the water formula.
      My personal trainer also taught me that you can’t lose weight unless you are hydrating enough with water. US News & World Report provided a “rule of thumb” to follow: drink half your body weight in ounces. 
      For example, if you weigh 130 pounds, you should drink 65 ounces of water/per day. 
    8. Supplement for health and energy! 
Even with the greatest dedication to eating healthy, we aren’t able to consume all the nutrients we need for optimal health. (It is especially a challenge when you are “dieting.”) A major issue is the way our food is currently produced. Farming standards have changed significantly over the years, and have decreased the quality of our foods.
At the very least, everyone should take a high quality multivitamin to fill in the nutritional gaps within our diets. When considering multivitamins and other supplements, make sure to check absorption and quality of ingredients; otherwise, you literally could be flushing away the majority of your supplements. Never assume that just because you have paid more for supplements or you have purchased them at a “health food store,” that they have an optimal absorption rate. Want to test the absorption rate of your supplement? 
Conduct this experiment… How to test vitamins for absorption rate  
As some of you know, we have found an amazing high quality supplement line that provides us with a multivitamin, energy product (as well as a few other products) that have made a significant difference in our health, energy, and over all well being. For example, our natural energy product has a key ingredient that is an appetite suppressant, and it helps burn fat! What an added bonus that is! 
We know that this may be a lot to digest. (pun intended). If you ever have questions, never hesitate to ask us!  We are on a health journey, and have a ways to go yet. Our mission is to see as many of our family and friends become as healthy as they can, and prepared to take on all that life throws at them! 

If we can do it, you can do it! Let’s do it TOGETHER!



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