A Change Would Do You Good!

Remember that old Sheryl Crow song, A Change Would Do You Good? If not, let me refresh your memory

A change would do you good
Would do you good
A change would do you good
I think a change,
A change would do you good
Would do you good.
Now do you remember the catchy chorus? This song came to mind as I began writing this morning. I don’t think I’ve heard it in years. Then I had to YouTube it, and watch it. Check it out to see what daytime talk show host makes an appearance in it as well as several other celebrities

A Change Would Do You Good


I digress,  as much as I like the song, I noticed something about the lyrics: the singer is telling another person that a change would be good for them. The song is not about a person realizing they need to change, which is crucial for any true, long-term change to occur. We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.


Maybe you read the mindsets traits in last week’s blog or you took the interactive mindset quiz, (or you did both) identifying yourself as having a fixed mindset. Unfortunately a fixed mindset will keep you from your potential and from becoming everything you were created to be. I’m not trying to be a downer. It is the reality, but don’t be discouraged! I say this with love and with a sense of urgency: there is an abundant life waiting for us, but it depends upon US!

I am walking proof of this! My mindset “renovation” began a few months ago. It started at our turning point when we decided to make our health a priority. No longer would I accept feeling the crummy way I did. Billy and I committed to make a number of changes in our daily lives- not just in our eating habits and physical activity. LOTS of other changes that I plan to discuss further in future blogs. All of these changes started with an initial change in priority and a “recalculating” to a growth mindset- to learn what we could and to stretch ourselves. This was easier for Billy to do because he tends to ascribe more to a growth mindset. For us the challenge has become maintaining that growth mindset.

Besides having a partner who has more of a growth mindset, it has also helped me to educate myself about mindset. As a teacher, I have read multiple articles, excerpts from books, but the best book I have found is at the end of her book, she explains strategies one can implement to adopt more of a growth mindset. First, she explains that it imperative that a person become familiar with the traits of growth and fixed mindsets. She suggests taping a graphic with both sets of traits on your bathroom mirror. Additionally, she suggests (if you have the room) to tape a series of questions on your bathroom mirror:

What are the opportunities for learning and growth today? For myself? For the people the people around me As you think of the opportunities, form a plan, and ask:When, where, and how will I embark on my plan class make the plan concrete.    How asks you to think of all the ways to  bring your plan to life and to make it work.left:As you encounter the inevitable obstacles and setbacks, form a new plan and ask the When, where, and how will I act on my new Regardless of how bad you may feel, do it! And when you succeed, don’t forget to ask yourself:

What do I have to do to maintain and continue the growth?
Change is a process, and it is not easy. (Get ready for the big but) BUT, if your WHY is big enough, you will be motivated to change! Our why is Liam. We waited a long time for him, and consequently we are “older” parents. Since we are “older,” we need to make our health a priority. We want to see him graduate from high school, get married, start a family…

What about you? Have you identified your mindset? Do you have a little renovating to do? Start with identifying a BIG WHY, and implement Dweck’s strategies. Also, make sure to tell someone about the change you are setting in motion. Accountability has been huge for Billy and me!

Feeling inspired to make a change? You know, a change would do you good! Message us! We’d love to hear from you!

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