“Okay, here we go.”
“I am speed.”
“One winner.”
“Forty-two losers.”
“I eat losers for breakfast.”
“Maybe I should have had breakfast.” could be good for me.”
“No, no, no, focus.”
“Speed.”Faster than fast, quicker than quick.”
I am Lightening.”
Those lines are the first spoken by professional race car Lightening McQueen in the first Disney Cars movie. If you remember, the movie starts with him in the darkness of his trailer psyching himself up for his big race. Notice at one point that he becomes distracted, but quickly refocuses his mind on the challenge ahead.  (Can you tell I have a 7 year old lol?)

lightening mcqueen

Besides Lightening McQueen, there are numerous examples in films in which the main character is portrayed mentally preparing for an event.



Karate Kid…


Indiana Jones…


I bet you can come up with even more.

In real life, we know the importance of mindset, but how often do we step back, evaluate our mindset, and identify when it is holding us back from what we were created to be?

Our purpose.
As mentioned in my last blog post, the decision to make our health a priority has lead to a major life renovation.



After making that decision, we discussed unhealthy habits that needed to be changed: our diets, lack of physical activity, and poor time management. We talked about how difficult it would be.  We would be retraining our thinking. We knew that battles would take place in our minds: the desire to eat what we craved instead of what is healthy; the difficulty of prioritizing exercise when you literally have a million other things to do; disappointment when you don’t progress as quickly as you hoped, etc. We determined at our “turning point” to have a…

You may not be familiar with the term “growth mindset.” I wasn’t until about five years ago when my previous principal required his teachers, myself included, to read Mindset: the New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck.

In her book, Dweck explains that everyone either has a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. In the names alone, you can probably guess the distinctions between the two. Simply, a mindset is a belief. Those with fixed mindsets are most focused upon succeeding. Those with growth mindsets are most focused upon learning.   “Clearly, people with growth mindset thrive when they’re stretching themselves. When do people with the fixed mindset thrive? When things are safely within grasp. If things get too challenging-when they’re not feeling smart or talented-they lose interest…”

Here’s a couple great visuals that demonstrate the difference between growth and fixed mindsets…



While reading Dweck’s book, I identified myself primarily as a person of fixed mindset. I have always been driven to succeed, but when I came upon something that was unnatural for me, I would stop pursuing it. For example, I achieved academically throughout my school “career.” However, during my senior year, I registered for Chemistry and Physics classes. (Side note: I think I enrolled because of a cute, smart guy who was enrolled lol.)  Within the first few weeks of those classes, I was earning D’s on tests and assignments. Both subjects completely eluded me. Rather than seizing the opportunity to stretch myself, I dropped both classes in order to maintain my GPA.

student disability struggling


Similarly, I LOVED shooting hoops at home, and I thought about trying out for basketball. In my heart, I just “knew” I wasn’t good enough to play on the team.  I mean, I didn’t even go for it! Believe me, there are other examples of this throughout my life.
As I evaluated my natural tendency to have a fixed mindset, I noticed a stark contrast with my husband Billy. If you know about my husband’s life, you know that he is persevered in spite of insurmountable obstacles. Most people are pretty amazed to hear his background. He is one of the most optimistic, confident people that I know.


As a guest at our home, you will notice our backyard, which has been a labor of love the thirteen years that we have lived here. He orchestrated all of the outdoor projects himself. He made his vision a reality. When he wanted to build a koi pond, he never thought “I’ve never done this before. There’s no way I can do this.” Instead, he read books and researched online how to build our pond. This has been his approach to everything in life. In fact, he doesn’t seem to be intimidated by anything! He thrives when he stretches himself.



What an example he is to me!

Being married to someone of a different mindset, does have its challenges. Many times we don’t see circumstances the same way. In the beginning of our marriage, that was very hard; however, it has become easier. (Though I am just speaking for myself-Billy may have a different perspective lol.)


My mindset has been steadily becoming less “fixed.” I know that a huge factor of this transformation has been the influence Billy has upon me. I also think that my experience as a special education teacher has helped shift my thinking. I’m actually starting to value that uncomfortable feeling that you have when you are doing something that isn’t easy. I am recognizing stretching as growing. It is a good. Necessary. Progress. Aren’t you thankful that we have the ability to change our mindset? What are you doing to challenge yourself?

All the good stuff is outside our comfort zone


Whether we are doing a FB Live, learning about our new business, researching health and wellness topics, or any subject for that matter, we are excited to share it with you! We hope you enjoy following our journey, and that you are inspired to start stretching!

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