The Chance Encounter

“Health is like Money. We never have a true idea of its value until we lose it,” Josh Billings.

“Having a health scare helps a person put things into perspective very quickly.

All of my medical tests had been in normal range, but I didn’t have any answers

I had been through that before- 10 years of unexplained infertility. Of course  that unknown variable in our life lead to God’s greatest blessing—Liam. I knew God had been faithful in that circumstance, but it was still hard to be hopeful when I was so scared about my actual well being. I prayed and tried to trust (Proverbs 3:5-6).

One day I was perusing Facebook, and I happened upon a FB Live of a friend of mine. At a glance, I knew she was talking about something very important to her. Her face radiated happiness, gratefulness, and a sense of relief. In her narrative, she explained the struggles that her teenage son had been experiencing, and that she and her husband had been praying for a solution. Her son’s struggles included insomnia, lack of energy, and depression.  My friend went on to explain that a friend of hers had introduced her to a new natural product line that had supplements that addressed those very issues. She took the products to THREE of her son’s doctors to ensure that they were safe prior to giving to her son. Not only did ALL THREE doctors give their approval, one mentioned that he would consider selling the product line in his own practice.

I continued to watch with great interest as she introduced the shiny, silver bottles. She talked about “the liposome delivery system.” I had never heard of a liposome delivery system. She explained that our bodies only absorb a minimal amount of traditional vitamins and supplements. The only way to ensure a higher absorption rate (approximately 95%) is through liposome technology and high quality ingredients. She attributed the amazing transformation of her son, herself, and husband to the products, which they had only been using about a month.

“Billy, come check this out!” I called to him.

“Wait a minute! I think I know about this product line…” He said.

“How? The company is only in soft launch. This is my friend up in Redding…” I asked.

“You know Lee, right? He happened to come by the bank about a week ago to do some business. He mentioned the difference these products have made in his life, and asked if I wanted to know more about them.” He explained.

I thought about Lee. Billy has known him for over 20 years. A person we trust. I thought about the odds that we would be introduced to the same NEW product line within a  two week time frame.  Then I thought about all the natural products companies out there represented by various people I know.  I felt uncertainty and skepticism rear up. Then I thought about my life verse again (“lean not on your own understanding…”

With as open of a mind as I could muster and out of complete desperation, I agreed to meet with Lee to hear about this new product line.

The day we met with Lee, I had been practicing my best poker face. I listened intently as he gave us an overview of each of the five products. He gave his testimonial of the significant impact the products had made in his life. He described an increase in energy, and how it had caused him to become much more active. He attributed his recent weight loss to his increased activity. He talked about improved mental clarity, improvement in his skin and nails. Overall, he just felt better.

I shared with Lee my struggle with my health. I told him that I had noticed a depletion in my energy for the past few months. He offered me the product to try on the spot. I was a little hesitant, and watched him take a dosing first. Then I gave it a try. I couldn’t believe the significant increase in energy that I felt within minutes! It was a surge but not the jitters.

I told Lee that I was shocked by the noticeable increase in my energy. He explained to me that he had a degree in Biology, and that he understood and appreciated the advanced technology behind the products. The liposome advanced delivery system ensures an increased absorption within the body. I began to feel hopeful about the difference that I had felt.  Billy and I agreed to purchase a one month supply. Each of us would take just two weeks of products. It would be a test run!

Since Billy and I had never taken a multivitamin or any other natural supplements on a regular basis, we wanted to develop a simple routine to remember to take them. We kept the products by our kitchen sink, and first thing in the morning, we would take two of the five products.  We quickly noticed after taking these products, that we had our “get up and go” for the morning, and we started skipping coffee. Cutting coffee out of our diet was not mandatory, but we just didn’t see a need for the added calories when we were already getting a surge of energy from those two products.

As for our usual mid-afternoon crash, we would take a dosing of the energy product. This was a life changer for us! No longer was I crashing when I got home from work! I had plenty of energy to play with Liam, help him with his homework, and finish chores around the house. Billy also noticed an increase in productivity during the latter part of his work day.

In terms of the other two products, we took both as needed. Billy has had chronic back pain from an accident. When he had flare ups, he would take one, and it quickly addressed his inflammation. Occasionally I struggle with falling asleep due to not being able to shut off my mind. The sleep product helped me fall asleep within 10 minutes instead of laying in bed for an hour or more.I remember Billy calling me at work one afternoon-he never calls me. He had such excitement in his voice.“Heather, I feel like the products are helping me. I’m so much more focused at work. I have energy! We’ve only been taking the products for a few days! Do you notice the same things?” I told him that I had, but I wanted to continue the test for the full two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, there was no question. We would never be without these products again. They had made such a significant difference in the both of us, and I felt like I was back to a new improved version of myself. We ordered, excited to start our journey, but we had to wait a few days to receive our new products lol. Now that was the real test! By the second day of not taking the products, we noticed a lag in our energy and overall decrease in our mental stamina. We were THRILLED when the package arrived, so we could get back on track with taking the products!
We were so excited about how the products had helped us that we decided to become brand partners of this amazing company!  At that point, we talked about what that should really mean. Those decisions (to take the products and to become brand partners) meant that we were going to make our health a priority.  Why put the highest quality supplements into our bodies if we weren’t going to commit to a lifestyle of health and improved well being? It just didn’t make sense!

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We talked about the changes we would need to make in our diets, physical activity, and time management.  We agreed that we needed to do it for ourselves and for Liam. THAT WAS OUR TURNING POINT, and we haven’t looked back!
“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”
We can’t wait to share more of the changes that we have been making. You won’t believe our renovation that is in progress!

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