A Little Background on Us

You may be wondering about that “chance encounter.” I will explain another time-I promise.
First, a bit of background to show you how commonplace we O’Neal’s are. Billy grew up in Oroville with a strong focus on sports. I grew up in Redding with a strong focus on academics. He’s the extravert. I’m the introvert. We met after I moved to Chico to attend Chico State. We married a short year after. (Next month we will celebrate our 18th anniversary.) After two years of marriage, we pursued starting a family. Little did we know that we would end up waiting nearly 10 years for our precious Liam.
After the birth of Liam, we got caught up in life.… We spun the plates. Remember that old Ed Sullivan gig? The plate spinner?  I dare you not to bite your nails while you watch him teeter all over the place-just to keep those plates spinning. Here it is… Plate Spinning .He is the perfect illustration of what we go through as we attempt to balance jobs, family time, and the extras of life.  If we aren’t focused, our “plates” will crash.


That’s what happened to us-CRASH! What did our crash (and burn) look like? More about that the next time!

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